Straight, Married Father-Of-Three Says He’s Been Wearing Skirts And Heels To Work For Years

Mark Brayan, a 61-year-old married father, has been wearing skirts and heels to defy gender conventions for four years.

The robotics engineer manager from Germany stunned social media fans with his work attire, gaining over 73k followers. Mark wants to demonstrate that cisgender, straight guys can be “masculine” while wearing typically feminine clothing and shoes.

He posted on Instagram that he is simply a heterosexual, happily married person who enjoys Porsches, attractive ladies, and adding high heels and skirts into his everyday attire.

The dad of three insists that his clothing have no bearing on his sexuality, but that they are a method for him to be comfortable and fashionable while questioning gender stereotypes.

Mark said that what drives him to dress in skirts is fashion. Comfort. Desiring to stand apart. He is still a strong-willed husband and parent. His kid occasionally asks to borrow his shoes.

He explained when he started wearing skirts, his coworkers were OK with it. He has  been wearing heels with his jeans for a while. As a result, it came as no shock to them.

Mark is frequently pictured wearing identical work clothing and shoes.

Mark has been working from home during the epidemic, but he hasn’t slowed down. He’s still killing it.

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