Mom Kicks Out Teenage Daughter after Finding Out She’s Pregnant

When a couple’s marriage ends in a shambles and their kids see it, it can have a long-lasting influence on their impressionable brains. Often, their kids do not connect well with them and begin to seek affection elsewhere.

When her parents split, the girl in our narrative went through something similar. She craved for her parents’ affection and found herself in a difficult circumstance where she had no choice but to leave her mother’s house. What occurred next took her completely by surprise.

Myrka’s connection with her mom, Liliana, worsened when her parents split. Myrka, nine, was forced to cook and clean for her younger brother, Angel, while her mom went to work to make ends meet.

Liliana never allowed her kids to spend too much money as she was always on a strict budget, and she did her best to preserve money for emergencies. Myrka began to lose interest in connecting with her mom as time passed. She described herself as Liliana’s “assistant.” 

In the meantime, Liliana stated: Parents are pretty strict in Mexican society, where she grew up. So she doesn’t hug her children. She believes one needs to subject children to some pain in order for them to learn.

Myrka relocated to Harlingen, Texas, with her mom and siblings when she was 14 years old. Moving to a new city meant the adolescent had to start over at school. Fortunately, she didn’t have to struggle to make friends since the future father of her kid sat right next to her on the first day of school.

Ethan attempted to soothe his girlfriend and asked his parents if she could move in with them.

When Ethan, 15, walked into his biology class, he noticed an empty seat next to a lovely girl. He sat down and introduced himself to Myrka, who was stunningly beautiful.

Soon after, Ethan confessed his affections to Myrka, and the two began dating. Myrka discovered she was pregnant a few weeks later. She didn’t want to tell her mom, so Ethan informed his parents about the pregnancy.

Liliana had previously informed Myrka that if she became pregnant, she would have to leave the house. The adolescent was terrified by her mother’s edict, but Ethan’s mom, Michelle, believed Liliana would not truly throw her child out.

Liliana proved Michelle wrong when she requested Myrka to leave when she found out she was pregnant, realizing the little girl had nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Ethan attempted to reassure his fiancée and asked his parents if she could live with them.

Ethan and Myrka’s circumstance reminded Ethan’s parents of when they were 15 and became pregnant. Michelle’s parents had requested her to live with her then-boyfriend, Charlie, but they still financially supported her.

Myrka was permitted to live with Charlie and Michelle so she could nurture her child with Ethan. Myrka discovered Ethan’s parents to be really welcoming after moving in. This, however, was not the affection she desired. She wants her mom’s approval.

Liliana explained why she behaved as she did. Initially, she stated that she never “kicked” her daughter out and that she thought Myrka did it herself. Liliana believed Myrka opted to leave the house by becoming pregnant since she was aware of the implications.

Liliana stated that she did not want Myrka to become pregnant as a teen as she was concerned about her daughter’s future. The single mom wanted her daughter to have a good profession and thought having a kid would be a challenge. Liliana remembered when Myrka informed her she was pregnant, her world came tumbling. She couldn’t take a breath.

Liliana agreed to meet Myrka after she spent three weeks at Ethan’s place as she didn’t want the pregnancy to damage their relationship. Despite the fact that Myrka’s pregnancy was “the worst thing” Liliana had ever experienced, she nevertheless showed up to Ethan’s house and completed the routine of taking her kids to church.

Liliana claimed that she felt “out of it” when Myrka, Ethan, and his parents chose not to end the pregnancy. She had opted not to assume responsibility for Myrka or her kid since she thought the kid was not hers. She stated that individuals can pass judgement on her and say she is unattractive. She doesn’t give a damn.

Myrka thought her connection with her mom had strengthened when Liliana opted not to break ties with her daughter. Myrka spoke to Liliana frequently during her pregnancy, despite the fact that she did not live with her.

She brought her mom over for supper at Ethan’s residence when she was 32 weeks pregnant, hoping Liliana to enjoy herself with Ethan’s parents. Myrka had brought her mom to the gender reveal party a few weeks before, and seeing her enjoy herself led all to believe she had embraced Myrka’s pregnancy.

Myrka felt happy to see her mother conversing with Ethan and his family during the meal. She had anticipated her mom to make a scene, but this did not occur. She had no idea that her mom would disagree with her a few weeks later.

Myrka was delighted to see Liliana mixing with Ethan and his family. However, this did not imply that Liliana had agreed to support her daughter. She explained that being 38 years old and adjusting to being a grandma has not been simple. She hasn’t dealt with it yet.

Although Liliana was grateful that Ethan’s family helped her daughter’s pregnancy, she admitted that convincing her to do the same was difficult. Liliana was clearly dissatisfied with her 16-year-old pregnant daughter.

Myrka posted on Facebook at the end of her pregnancy, informing her pals that she was not ashamed of her pregnancy. Soon after, she received a phone call from a furious Liliana, who had openly criticized her post.

Liliana remarked that she published it for everyone to read to which Myrka said, everyone is already aware. Liliana got into an argument with her daughter over the phone, leaving Myrka sobbing. She stated that the violent dispute had crushed her dreams for a relationship with her mom.

However, Ethan’s parents reassured Myrka that she didn’t have to worry about anything since they were always there for her. Myrka stated in her interview that she feels she has gotten more help and affection from Ethan’s parents in the last three months than she has in her whole life.

Myrka appeared to be forced to deliver her kid without the assistance of her mom. Nevertheless, Michelle sympathised with her since she understood how much Myrka wanted her mom’s love and support.

What are your thoughts on this story? Did Liliana do the right thing by evicting her daughter from her home in order to teach her a lesson?

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