Man claims diet of raw chicken and vaginal discharge keeps him healthy

A bouncer says that his raw chicken and beef diet has made him feel better than ever, and he even includes breast milk and vaginal discharge from ex-girlfriends to his yoghurts as a ‘probiotic.’

Self-described “health nut” Boban Simic, from Chicago, began eating raw beef four years ago in order to become more ‘alpha and powerful,’ and he thinks he’s never felt better.

The 40-year-old also professes to consume fermented milk topped up with breast milk and ex-partner vaginal discharge, which he believes tastes amazing and boosts his mental health.

Boban says that his unusual diet has never made him sick, despite the fact that he examines for worms after going to the bathroom every day.

He can be seen biting the tongue off a raw lamb’s skull before spooning out the creature’s eyeball and devouring it uncooked till it bursts in his mouth.

Boban added that everything he eats is raw. He consumes raw lamb, which is his least favourite since of its strong flavour and leanness. Raw beef and raw chicken breast are two of his favourite foods.

Because raw pork is a bit tasteless, he only eats it once in a while. Raw goat is the finest he has tasted since it’s so soft.

The texture is determined by the cut. Chicken breast has the same tenderness as fish.

He likes the raw sensation. It’s soothing when it’s over. Because one is eating meat like an animal, it’s more sensuous, a more pleasurable activity.

He was terrified the first time he ate raw pork, yet he figured it couldn’t hurt. He understands one can eat raw steak and there is salmonella in poultry, but it’s not a massive worry. One  does not become ill.

He wanted to be stronger and healthier, and he intended to live forever.

His physique is the most vital thing in his life and the only thing he spends money on. As per Boban, we are what we consume. No matter how much money one has, if not fit, it all boils down to food and nutrition.

According to him we have been brainwashed. We have been instructed our entire life to consume prepared foods, therefore it lingers. After roughly two years, though, it feels normal.

He still looks at his excrement every day for worms.

In addition to his new unconventional lifestyle, he opted to fermented milk with vaginal discharge and breast milk after investigating the health advantages.

Boban explained, he was with a lady who was producing milk and he tried it and thought it was kind of sweet and tasty and yummy, and the idea hit him.

He was seeing and having an intimate relationship with a female.

He strained raw milk and fermented it into yoghurt. He sucked it out and decided to put it in milk, which turned out delicious.

While researching the vagina and probiotics, another brilliant thought struck him.

He picked it up from another female he was seeing. He has heard of individuals using vaginal yeast to make beer and bread.

Boban, who is single, eats at Ethiopian or sushi restaurants where raw meat is offered, and while he claims it is wonderful on its own, he sometimes adds a drop of honey.

He argues that eating raw meat is only ‘common sense’ since heating it might introduce pollutants, and he’s never felt healthier since he began.

Boban explained he cut [cooked meat] out entirely. It feels weighty in your body; raw feels far superior.

It was just common sense; he used to watch films about Africa and think they don’t have much, yet they eat much better and don’t eat completely cooked meat.

He was thinking about how canines become more ferocious after eating raw meat. He was afraid that eating raw meat would make him more alpha and violent.

He started eating raw beef once or twice a week to see if it made him feel better. It made a lot of sense, so he decided to eat all of it raw.

He used to believe one couldn’t eat raw chicken, but his knowledge came from a variety of places. He conducted extensive research.

He has always been a health freak, so he tries to avoid pollutants and eat nutritiously.

Cooked beef is not so tasty; it needs seasoning. He puts honey on it occasionally, but he mostly eats it plain and it’s fantastic.

He also claims that his new diet has improved his mental health and that it functions as a mood stabiliser.

When you prepare meat, you make it hazardous, Boban explained.

He used to feel sad, however after starting the raw diet, he has become a lot more psychologically balanced, happy, and intellectually stronger. That is the most significant difference. He believes it is bacteria that governs your brain and brings you joy.

It’s a long process, but when he looks at himself, he is a lot fitter than when he was a pro fighter, and he is not training as much. What else could it be but diet?

After eating a pound of grilled steak, one feels drowsy and wants to sleep. One can consume two pounds of raw food and still be able to exercise afterwards.

He doesn’t understand how individuals can consume junk food with plastic and silicone in it and fake stuff and then eat a natural animal. Much of it is due to ignorance.

People eat sushi; he is not sure how one can eat raw fish and not believe it’s okay to consume raw land animals.

The majority of the world eats raw foods such as beef tartare, raw pork, and raw vegetables.

He met a Korean cab driver who had eaten raw rat and he seemed healthy and robust.

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