People want man who killed a mom and baby in a crash to be released because he’s “too cute” to be in prison

Cameron Herrin, a 21 year old young chap, was given a penal punishment for unintentionally killing the mother, Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, 24, and her 20-month-old daughter, Lillia as they crossed a road in Tampa, Florida.

After the sentencing, numerous people on the internet came forward in backing of Cameron. Some of the posts that were shared in support of the young chap say that he is too sweet to be behind the bars and appears not guilty.

When the mishap occurred, Cameron was street racing and touched 100 mph as he raced up Bayshore north of Gandy Boulevard. His black Ford Mustang boomed the roads while competing with silver Nissan Altima, driven by John Barrineau.

He touched the speed of 102 mph just six seconds before striking the incautious mom, who was pushing her daughter in a pushchair across the road. Though Cameron had hit the brake before the crash but he couldn’t do anything quick enough to reduce the effect of the bang.

When Jessica’s partner, David Raubenolt, arrived at Knights Avenue after the mishap, he found his daughter’s broken pushchair lying on the street. Jessica and Lillia were hurried to the hospital but yielded to their injuries and died after the 2018 mishap.

Few years after the crash, Cameron found himself in front of a court in April, 2021 and wept when he received his punishment of 24 years in jail. His judgment stimulated campaigns on social media that claimed he was too sweet for such a severe sentence.

A campaign by the name of “Justice for Cameron” initiated trending on the internet and one user said he appears not guilty while one more user named him a poor lad who didn’t mean to murder the innocent mom and daughter.

An appeal is presently flowing on the internet with the title – “Cameron Herrin 21 years old, who imprisoned for 24 years, justice for him.” By now, almost 28,800 individuals have sign up the appeal and are asking for a more merciful penalty.

Cheryl Herrin, Cameron’s mom, said that the curiosity in her son turn out to be nearly like an unhealthy obsession. Several have trailed the family members on internet and sent messages to them.

Amid individuals who spoke at the sentencing comprised Jessica’s partner, David. He openly said to Cameron that it is grave for him to realize that he has created an eternal agony and depths of mourning.

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