88-year-old crossing guard killed pushing kids out of way of speeding – I think he deserves our recognition

It’s easy to think that heroes don’t exist, that they only occur in comic books and Marvel movies. The fact is that they may be found in many sectors of life in the shape of people who achieve amazing things, often at tremendous expense.

On Tuesday, a much-loved crossing guard in Kansas City, Kansas, devoted his life to saving kids who might otherwise have lost theirs. Bob Nill, 88, has been a crossing guard at Christ the King Parish School for five years. He was well-liked by the pupils, who affectionately referred to him as “Mr. Bob.”

According to accounts, a fast black vehicle sped across Nill’s crossing at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Nill placed himself in risk to save two kids after recognizing the threat.

He stopped two students, and they obeyed, thank God, school principal Cathy Fithian remarked.

According to witnesses, the 88-year-old shoved the kids back as the automobile drove by. Sadly, this resulted in him being hit. Randy Nill, Nill’s nephew, said the bravery was in character.

He stated that what his Uncle Bob did for merely moving tiny kids across the street appeared perhaps minor to some others, but it was a really vital job for him, and now they truly realise how essential it was. He could have saved several lives.

Before retiring, Nill worked in finance and served in the Coast Guard. After leaving full-time employment, he served as a crossing guard to keep giving back to his community.

Randy explained that he thinks uncle Bob felt like he could help kids while also making himself feel good about what he was doing.

On Tuesday, Christ the King Parish School issued a statement on their Facebook page: We’d like to provide you with an update on our crossing guard, Mr. Nill. We are saddened to notify you of his death. Please keep praying for Mr. Nill and his family, as well as the children, parents, and instructors who saw the accident today. You should also know that Mr. Nill is a hero. As the automobile neared, he prevented two of our pupils from crossing the street.

Bob Nill, rest in peace. Your efforts saved lives, and you will be recognised as a hero for that.

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