Teenager killed WWII veteran, 91, by setting him on fire

Paul Monchnik, 91, was a Polish immigrant who had spent his adult life in Detroit. He overcame World War II fighting and was a useful member of society for the rest of his life. He is no longer alive.

Paul Monchnik arrived in the United States as an immigrant when he was around eight years old. He attended school in Detroit before departing for World War II. He was in the Army and survived the war.

Monchnik, on the other hand, did not survive an assault on his person and property in 2015, when a 17-year-old boy paid him a visit.

Paul, 91, was killed in a heinous robbery that outraged the entire globe. When police and fire workers went to a fire at his residence early in the morning, they discovered his death.

The body had been drenched in gasoline and set on fire near the front entrance of the living room area.

George Steward, an adolescent who lived next door to Monchnik with his grandpa, had broken into the latter’s home, beaten him, and set him on fire.

Paul suffered burns on around 80% of his body, and approximately one-fifth cup of gasoline was discovered in his stomach. In addition, the veteran suffered a skull fracture, three cutting injuries to the back of his left hand, and two fractured ribs on the left side of his body.

The heinous murder Scott Monchnik, Paul’s distressed son, is 56 years old. Just after the killing, he begged for the public’s assistance in locating the culprit and removing “this vermin from the streets.”

The image of his childhood house on fire and the blood-splattered floor where his father had been battered Scott Monchnik called the sight as “a scenario from hell.”

Scott and his family were “traumatised” by this vision, as well as the awful nauseous sensation he get knowing that his dad’s last hour on Earth was filled with terror and suffering.

After many weeks, Detroit police announced charges against George Steward, 17, of Detroit. Steward, according to cops, used the fuel to attempt to hide his traces.

Fortunately, it did not go as smoothly as he had hoped. Steward was apprehended, detained, and imprisoned by local authorities. He was arrested with murder in the first degree, felony murder, and arson.

Scott Monchnik said, this man (Steward) has left a hole in all of them filled with hate and anger, fear and grief.

Paul Monchnik has lived in Detroit since he was a child and took satisfaction in knowing the city inside and out, according to his relatives.

For more than 50 years, he toiled as a self-employed television repairman to support his family, which included a wife who died seven years ago, three daughters, four grandsons, and two great-grandchildren.

Paul Monchnik, who was in his 90s, continued to take care of himself, grooming and feeding himself, and reading the newspaper to stay up to date on current affairs, according to his son.

Scott Monchnik stated that he was kind and open-minded. He was a kind-hearted man with no prejudices or hatred. He worked extremely hard to support his wife and family, and he intended to live to be 100 years old, but this boy cut that short. And that’s one of the most difficult parts. He didn’t get to die gently in his sleep as an elderly man.

George Steward IV, 18, was sentenced nearly a year after the murder.

When Wayne Circuit Judge Michael Callahan sentenced George Steward IV, the person accused in the heinous murder, to 30-60 years in prison, the Monchnik family claimed they experienced a sense of closure.

This sort of individual should not be allowed to live freely. He may do it again if he has done it before.

Prayers for soldiers’ families and friends in appreciation for his service.

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