Man Dresses Up Like Superman In His Town Parades From The Past 26 Yrs.

For the past 26 years, the small-town Fourth of July parade in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, always featured Superman. Kids and grownups alike LOVED seeing the Man of Steel at their parade. But that man who portrayed him for several of those years, Jonathan Charbonneau, who has Asperger’s syndrome, seemingly needed super powers of his own after someone bought his apartment above a hardware store and doubled his rent.

Now, over the years, Jonathan never let the Asperger’s get him down. He has a third-degree black belt, he helps in cleaning up the litter in his town and he does what he can to help area businesses. He’s certainly not a quitter. Superman never quits. And it just so happened that THIS Superman had a good friend who set up an online fundraiser to raise $4,500 to cover the extra rent costs over the first year. But that fundraiser far exceeded anyone’s expectations. It raised more than $35,000 in just more than a week.

It was the town of Glen Ellyn and others across the country proudly saying, “Hey, Superman… we got your back.” 

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