Special Needs Shelter Dog Buys Everything She Touches All Thanks To The Kind Man.

Rocky Kanaka is a special kinda guy. He takes in special needs animals, gives them love and helps them find some purpose in their lives. And, with that, he takes them on some incredible adventures with his own show, called Dog’s Day Out. This YouTube show helps so many of them find permanent homes… something, unfortunately, they might not have found otherwise.

Recently, Rocky made a video of his special friends, and it went viral. In one part of the video, Rocky took a special dog to a local store, and anything that it touched, he bought and took it home with him for the animal.

Then Rocky filmed a sequel. In this one, he felt a dog named Freddie Mercury needed a shopping spree. So she (yes, this Freddie is a SHE)… So she was taken to a store and also allowed to pick out things for Rocky to take home for her. She picked out a nice new dog bed that was just her size.

Little Freddie had managed to survive after someone threw her away in the trash. She had badly broken bones and an extra set of teeth that made it hard for her to eat. And she was very malnourished. Yeah. That’s where Rocky found her… in the trash.

After her video, Freddie was soon adopted by a woman named Angela, who said she just couldn’t live without loving that little dog. So Rocky decided to take Angela, Freddie and another shelter dog, Bosco, shopping. And they picked out a lot more fun things to take home. And Bosco, even though he’s a much bigger dog than Freddie, is now one of Freddie’s best friends.

If you are considering a special needs animal, be sure to get a hold of Rocky Kanaka. 

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