Man follows a teen from the bus stop to her house, however her Army veteran father was home.

Mike Oliver, a dad of 15 and an Army veteran, was not thrilled to find a guy in his Livonia, Michigan, house on a Monday afternoon. The man reportedly followed his teenage daughter from her school bus stop to their home. The door remains open. Then he heard her speak, Oliver recounted. He gets up, goes to his door, and there’s a guy in there.

Oliver’s daughter had realized something was wrong after getting off the bus. She instantly knew she was being watched, and they followed her as she headed home. A guy approached her as she neared her front door. As per authorities, he followed her into the porch and asked whether her parents were home before following her into the house.

Fortunately, Mike Oliver was sitting in the living room, waiting for his 15-year-old, 10th-grade daughter to return home from Franklin High School, when he found the man, who seemed to be in his 30s, had followed his daughter home. When Oliver realized this, he questioned the man directly what he was doing on his land.

Instead of responding, the suspect attempted to flee the house. Oliver, on the other hand, was not going to let him get away so lightly. The Army veteran went for the man, subsequently recognized as 27-year-old David Roberts of Livonia by cops. Roberts did not make it very far.

In fact, when he battled with him in the front yard, Oliver halted him before he even made it off his land. Grabbed him by the hair, Oliver recalled, describing the moment he halted the man in his tracks. He was twisting like an alligator, and he got away. He bolted around the corner.

Despite the fact that the suspect first eluded him, the vigilant father was unfazed. Mike Oliver got into his pickup and drove around the area, following David Roberts. Oliver’s 19-year-old son and neighbors also got involved, seeking to assist Oliver track down Roberts while Oliver dialed 911.

Several cops came within minutes and discovered David Roberts in a neighboring garden. He was arrested and charged with breaking and trespassing and attacking a cop. His bond was set at 10% of $100,000, but the Army veteran father felt he got off lightly.

He could’ve been laying there on the ground today, Oliver said of Roberts and what may have occurred to him. Things could have turned out far worse for him. But it’s not about being right here; it’s about doing the right thing, the Army veteran remarked.

Although the teen was unharmed, she did not escape the incident undamaged. Cindy Oliver, the mother of the Franklin High School 10th student, noted that she has been left terrified and unwilling to attend school.

Following the event, both parents and kids are being warned to be cautious of their surroundings. It is also encouraged that schoolchildren, no matter their age, walk to and from their residence with a buddy or, even better, in a group. If they observe somebody or anything odd, they should alert an adult or contact 911, and if they sense terrified or intimidated, they should flee. It may appear to be basic knowledge, yet this simple reminder is really required. There are demons among us, and our greatest protection is to stay on the lookout for them.

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