New mom died after using cocaine on her first night out following the birth of her son.

A young mother died after using cocaine on her first night out after the birth of her kid, according to evidence presented in court.

Rebecca Tollan, 23, died in July in a residence in Bellshill, Lanarkshire.

On Monday, Barry McAuley, 40, and Martin Stewart, 34, were arrested with Rebecca’s culpable murder.

On July 14 and 15, 2019, the pair was accused of ‘recklessly and illegally’ administering the ‘possibly deadly’ class A medication to her.

It is alleged to have occurred in the Railway Tavern tavern in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, as well as at the Bellshill residence.

According to the accusation, Rebecca perished after ‘ingesting’ the drug.

McAuley and Stewart both reject the allegations at Glasgow’s High Court.

Pamela Tollan, Rebecca’s sister-in-law, was the trial’s first witness.

On July 14, the women went out and ended themselves at a beer garden at the Railway Tavern.

While they were there, two drinks were delivered to their table, reportedly ordered by two guys sitting close whom Rebecca felt she recognized.

Rebecca and Pamela then sat with them.

When asked if she would recognize the two men again, the witness referred to McAuley and Stewart in the dock.

She discovered one was named Barry-John and the other was named Martin.

They were having a good time and a bit of banter, according to Pamela.

Rebecca, whom the witness recognized as Becky, then inquired them if they had any’ stuff,’ according to the witness.

According to the court, Barry-John then gave Pamela “a tiny bag.”

Pamela subsequently wanted to use the restroom, and her sister-in-law accompanied her.

Jurors heard Rebecca use cocaine in the restroom before returning to the two males.

They ultimately made their way to the residence in Bellshill.

Pamela recounted seeing four lines of cocaine on a black plate. When Pamela returned from the restroom, there was only one line of the drug remaining. Pamela said in court that she subsequently spotted additional cocaine and suspected Rebecca took some.

Pamela urged her to stop since she is already having a nice time.

Pamela ultimately requested that Martin call a cab to transport the women home.

Becky started shaking, added an emotional Pamela. She simply assumed Becky was chilly to begin with.

Martin inquired whether Becky was epileptic, and Pamela told him no. Martin positioned her in a recovery position.

Pamela remembered witnessing blood with Rebecca after she had maybe bitten her tongue. She also remembered the fitting as ‘continuous.’

Mercy personnel were quickly dispatched to assist her.

Efforts were made to save Rebecca at the residence, however she did not survive.

The guy Pamela knew as Barry-John was similarly ill, according to the court.

Stewart’s KC later questioned the witness about how much alcohol the women consumed that day and night.

Stewart, of Viewpark, North Lanarkshire, faces separate accusations of cocaine and cannabis distribution.

McAuley, also of Bellshill, is charged with cocaine possession.

The trial continues before Lord Clark.

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