Man keeps venting to social media about ‘being a dad’ so his wife pulls up receipts.

For many individuals, being honest about the difficulties of parenting on social media can be a useful, humorous, and therapeutic release, but what occurs when you’re pretending it’s all for focus? In this story a troubled wife tried to stop her husband from lying about his involvement in co-parenting. She wondered if she was right/wrong for sharing footage of what her spouse actually does when he whines about “being a dad?” with friends and family. Read the story and let us know.

Source: Reddit

We had our baby girl 6 weeks ago. Since then my husband started sharing on social media platforms about how hard he works and how hard being a father is. Basically getting sympathy points while I do 80% of childcare obviously.

It got to the point where friends and family would scold me for “not giving the poor man a break.” I got fed up so I started recording him when he got home. Eats by himself, watch tv, nap etc.

All with dates and times and started sharing those videos whenever a family member or friend called me bossy. My husband got mad and demanded I stop sharing those videos. I said I will once he stops acting like he’s the one working hard.

Last night we were out and some friends and my husband started with his sob story about how being a dad is “consuming”. Friends started side-eyeing while he listed the things he does throughout the day.

I pulled my phone and showed them the thing he really does throughout the day. He was stunned and our friends were quiet. Dinner got awkward and we went home…

He blew up at me saying I was ruining his reputation, alienating him from everyone and throwing dirt on his name. We argued for hours then he left to be with his family. His mom hinted I was wrong for how I handled this and called me “childish” and “bully” for it. Am I Wrong?

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