“The Office Was Set Off By Bloody Screams”: Employee Is Sick And Tired Of Muslim Coworker Stealing Their Food, Puts Pork In It.

There are several problems that might cause conflict at work. People stealing food is something that few individuals believe yet occurs far more frequently than it should. When you have to worry about someone stealing your meals every day, it’s tough to get along with your coworkers and produce good results. In this story a person described how they got their payback on ‘the lunch looter,’ a religious person, who kept stealing their lunch at work. Read the story and let us know what you would have done in such a situation.

Source: Reddit

I recently started to work in an office. Not very happy about it, as I prefer working from home, but it’s only temporary so I’m hangin’ there.

Since I’m trying to save money, I take my own lunch instead of eating at one of the many restaurants near the office. Soon after I started, I noticed my food going missing from the break room.

After digging a bit, I discovered who the culprit was. One of my coworkers, let’s call him “M”, decided it was okay to take my lunch without asking for almost a week. I had to put a stop to this, but since I had no hard evidence like a video of him eating my stuff, I decided to take justice in my own hands.

You see, “M” is a muslim and apparently very serious about it. To the point that he has to let everyone know about this at least once a day. Nothing wrong with being serious about your religion, mind you. But when everyone knows you as “the muslim guy” because that’s the only thing you talk about, you may want to diversify your interests. To me, however, he’s known as “the lunch looter.”

Since it’s my lunch after all, and I have absolutely no dietary prohibitions, I decided to prepare myself a delicious pork sandwich. Pepperoni, ham, smoked sausage, chorizo, bacon, pork leg, cochinita and even some chicharrón for good measure. Oh, and don’t forget extra jalapeños, normally I don’t like them but I want this one to pack a punch. I call it “the squealing supreme.” Surely, any person who adheres to religious rules would be a fool to even go near my succulent sandwich, right?

Well, seems like “M” is the type of person to grab food off the fridge without checking it first. Which led to hilarious results.

At some point before my lunch hour, the office was set off by bloody screams coming from the break room. When someone ran off to check, they found poor “M” crying about eating pork and saying that “someone” put non-halal meat in the fridge.

This was my queue to get HR involved. This level of drama wouldn’t go unnoticed anyway, and catching “M” eating my sandwich was all I needed to get them on my side.

Sadly, the pay off wasn’t great. He was let off with a warning, and his excuse for taking my lunch is that I always brought “halal” food (basically just chicken and vegetables) so he took it. It’s not that he thought it was for him, he just said he targeted my stuff because I was the only one bringing clean food. He was still quite pissed and in the last few days he’s been giving me the death glare.

Moral of the story: don’t take people’s food. Who knows? Maybe they enjoy the food your religion considers sinful.

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