Parents Turn off Life Support for 15-Month-Old Baby Days after She Went to Bed ‘Happy and Healthy’

Daniel O’Sullivan and Tara Lyons resided in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England. The charming couple desired to enjoy parental happiness and begin a family. Their deep yearning was granted when they became parents to a gorgeous baby boy, Leo.

Tara and Daniel’s lives altered dramatically after the birth of their baby. They couldn’t help but adore their adorable son, who transformed into a beam of sunshine and brightened their life with limitless affection and pleasure.

A few years later, the couple acquired more happy news: they were expecting their second child. Tara and Daniel, as predicted, were overjoyed to complete their family and witness their lovely little child take on the role of big brother.

Sofia Lyons-O’Sullivan, the couple’s first girl child, was born in December 2018 in Hertfordshire. Tara called her daughter a “beautiful cheerful baby” who could make even the worst days seem brighter.

Sofia’s mother observed that, despite having gestational diabetes throughout her pregnancy, there were no significant issues. She stated that her baby daughter was still meeting all of her developmental milestones and that her weight was normal.

According to Tara, her gorgeous and kind young daughter loves having her hair pulled back into adorable ponytails and playing with her brother. She could also crawl, walk, and say a few words by the time she was one and a half years old. Sofia’s mother went on to say that even though some individuals don’t believe they have personalities at that age, she had a lot of them – she was very amusing, naughty, and sassy.

Tara and Daniel, her parents, stated that their daughter was a major Moana fan who would sit and watch the movie, pulling faces at the bad characters and smiling with her favorite ones.

Little Sofia adored being around her brother and laughing at his shenanigans. Even when the world, including the United Kingdom, went into lockdown upon the pandemic’s arrival in March 2020, Tara and Daniel’s life remained pleasant and picture-perfect.

The couple stated that they relocated to a larger property with three bedrooms and a yard so that they could spend more time and space together as a family. Sofia had her own room, complete with grey mountains painted on the walls, a stack of books, and a pile of pink and leopard print pillows and blankets.

However, the Hertfordshire family’s life will shift in ways they never imagined imaginable in April. Tara and Daniel stated their newborn girl was “content and fit” although she had the sniffles. They put her to bed one night, believing she was teething, but were surprised when she didn’t want her toast the next morning.

A distressed Tara saw that her kid appeared frail, as if she couldn’t open her eyes. The parents rushed their daughter to the hospital, and while the doctor informed them she required antibiotics, Tara said she screamed when she saw Sofia’s state.

The baby was sent to Great Osmond Street Hospital in London, where her mom stated she underwent a few tests to figure out what was wrong. Tara and Daniel got heartbreaking news after a day in the hospital.

Sofia was diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), a rare brain disorder defined by an improper link between the arteries and veins, affecting blood circulation, according to the couple, irrespective of the fact that she had no indications.

Despite the physicians’ best attempts to save the tiny daughter, the parents were told Sofia wouldn’t survive. Tara stated that her daughter looked to be normal but was steadily worsening.

Sofia’s parents said her life support was turned off on Easter Sunday, six days after she was sent to the hospital. Tara, distraught, stated that as she held Sofia, all she could hear in the background was Frozen’s Let It Go, and she is not sure what it was, but when she glanced at Dan, it was time. Her heart was broken.

While the sad parents caressed and kissed their precious daughter, they also had to prepare to tell her elder brother the news. Leo, who was seven years old at the time, was informed by his parents that he would never see his baby sister again since she had gone to paradise. Tara continued that she strolled in with her one-and-a-half-year-old and left with a box of memories.

Losing Sofia shattered her parents, who couldn’t deal with their soul-crushing sadness and agony. Tara believed she wanted to do something to honor her little angel and keep her memory alive, so she contacted Bloodhound Books, where she worked as a publisher.

Tara stated that she was working on a Christmas anthology filled with young-adult fiction short tales written by a number of prominent authors for Sofia’s third birthday in December 2021. The mom revealed that she wanted to raise awareness about the disease that took her daughter’s life.

Tara stated that “Written in the Stars” will be released in October 2022. While Sofia’s family only had one birthday with her, they wish to keep her gorgeous daughter’s wonderful memories in their hearts forever. Tara stated, the book’s cover depicts a tiny girl reaching for the stars, and it looks exactly like Sofia, in such a soft and loving way that was just like her.

A broken Tara stated that she wants all to recognize Sofia as a lovely, Moana-obsessed little lady. We express our sincere sympathies to Tara and Daniel, and we pray they will seek comfort in knowing that their little baby will be remembered forever. Rest in the arms of God, cute angel.

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