Man Makes “No Brainer” Decision To Sell Sneaker Collection For His Future Child.

They say good things take time. This saying sounds apt for Lauren and EJ Wynn. Since many years they dreamt of having a child of their own. But they had to face a lot of obstacles to make their dream come true.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every eight couples face the problem of infertility. Lauren and EJ Wynn wanted a child. They cherished this dream of having a child even before their marriage.

The Chesapeake, Ohio, couple, Lauren and EJ Wynn tried for five years to raise a family. But every time they had to face failure. They had to bear the brunt of eight miscarriages. Lauren underwent two intrauterine inseminations, a medical procedure where sperm is placed directly into the uterus. Sadly, even this procedure failed to give them the desired results.

On medical investigations, the couple came to know that EJ Wynn’s fertility results were promising but Lauren had difficulty in conceiving. The five years of failures and losses and heartbreaks drained Lauren emotionally. There were times when she felt lonely and sad. At times she even thought of giving up. Failures had shattered her will power.

Ultimately, Lauren and EJ Wynn decided to opt for In vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is a complex series of procedures in which mature eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. Then the fertilized egg (embryo) or eggs (embryos) are transferred to a uterus. This fertility treatment is a boon to many disheartened couples.

According to the University of lowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, the cost of one IVF cycle, including all surgical and diagnostic procedures, test and treatment, normally ranges between $12000 to $17000. This expensive treatment becomes all the more out of reach because the IVF treatment is not fully covered by Insurance.

According to the statistics gathered from The National Infertility Association, as on April, 2021, only 19 states have passed laws relating to fertility insurance coverage and only 13 out of them pertain to IVF insurance coverage..

Normally, couples find themselves struggling financially to cover the high cost of IVF treatment with a somewhat limited probability of success. Despite these two hinderances, EJ Wynn and Lauren were willing to take the risk.

The cost involved in the IVF treatment was too high. In order to accumulate money for the expensive IVF treatment, EJ Wynn decided to sell off his exquisite collection of sneakers. He collected $ 4,800.

The couple posted a TikTok video of EJ Wynn selling his highly priced collection of sneakers. This heart touching video piqued the interests of the online sneaker community.. On the GoFundMe page, they managed to amass a sum of more than $ 12,000. Besides collecting funds, they also managed to grab the attention of many to the sensitive subject of infertility.

EJ Wynn was surprised by the response he had garnered for the TikTok video. He received several calls from people asking for his advice.

For the first time in six months, things started turning out to be favourable for the couple. They had a successful implantation after the first embryo transfer and Lauren became pregnant on September 29, 2021.

During the initial five years Lauren went through a lot of heartbreak and stress. She had taken 600 injections, underwent 11 surgeries, consumed 400 pills and had to take several five hour round trips to the clinic for blood transfusions.

This was Lauren’s ninth pregnancy. She had to face a lot of ups and downs both physically and emotionally to reach the first trimester of her ninth pregnancy.

The willpower and positive outlook of EJ Wynn and Lauren is commendable. Currently Lauren is four months pregnant. The journey of Wynn couple has been truly amazing and inspiring!!!

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