Soldier Flies Home To Surprise His Parents And Walks In On Them Having Sex.

We all love surprises; they bring us various emotions in our lives. But what happens when you decide to surprise your parents but turns out you got surprised by catching them in an act that you never wish to see.

For more than two and a half years a young soldier named Joseph Pena, 20, from Colorado was stationed in Germany. He booked a flight home to surprise his mom Kaati Pena, 39, and dad Richard Pena, 54, when he was recently placed on R&R leave (rest and recuperation.)

Joseph was thrilled who ran up the stairs and without knocking just entered his parents room. However, to his horror, he surprised them when they were making love in the bed together. As soon as he realized what they were doing, with shock and awkwardness he covered his eyes and backed out of the room.

Kaati expressed that the embarrassment after recalling the unfortunate incident had made Joseph spend his military leave with his girlfriend and sister to avoid facing his mom and dad for a while.

This fun awkward moment was captured by his sister Josephine who shared it on social media which has gone viral with epic responses.

Do watch and share the video of this soldier son’s reaction who walked into his parents room while they were making love.

From now on I guess he will never make a surprise visit.

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