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Man mauled by 3 dogs dies after 10 days in ICU, had legs and arm amputated

It is hard to witness a life lost far too young and in horrid conditions. Nicolas Vasquez’s family is now seeking justice for what happened to their cherished family member.

Nicolas Vasquez of Huffman, Texas, was discovered held down by three dogs by his neighbour Calvin Stoy. The dogs had cornered him in a ditch and were mauling him. The neighbour had only acted since Stoy had heard a groan emanating from the area.

Stoy stated he thought he heard a sigh. He could hear the dogs barking. So he walked to the corner of his yard here and heard another groan.

Stoy stumbled across three pitbull mix dogs holding down his neighbour. When he shone his spotlight at the dogs, they bolted.

Stoy then came into a horrifying situation. He witnessed his neighbour Vasquez being mauled by the dogs. Stou said of the episode that it was terrible. He was badly ripped up.

He dialled 911 and demanded aid right away.

The presence of medical personnel revealed the extent of Vasquez’s injuries as a result of the mauling. Kelly Vasquez, his niece, told the reporters how much her uncle had endured.

His wounds were so severe that after ten days in critical care, he surrendered to them and died.

She recounts of the horrifying catastrophe that they were pretty much devouring him at that point. She added that her uncle had practically every part of his body bitten and had to have his legs and one arm removed. His niece explained that his body just couldn’t take it any longer.

Maria Castillo, Nicolas Vasquez’s sister-in-law, was beside herself, saying she just wants justice from the court. This should not have occurred. He was a good guy to all. Everyone knew who he was.

According to neighbour sources, the canines belonged to two distinct owners. They said that one neighbor’s dog was never seen running free, whilst another neighbor’s two dogs were frequently observed wandering without leashes.

They said that these two canines were a frequent disturbance in the area, chasing anybody on foot or on a bike. They also claimed that one of the dogs bit Vasquez on the ankle roughly two months ago.

Kelly Vasquex recalled that the dogs used to attack kids and just bark and things.

His family and neighbours are now seeking justice. Kelly Vasquez, his niece, believes the neighbours should be penalised for a kid, saying, “Yes, they should. They should be prosecuted.”

The neighbour who discovered him stated, ‘first and foremost, it’s a crime to allow your dogs to go uncontrolled like that. I believe he should be charged with manslaughter.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has not issued a formal comment, but has stated that detectives will meet with the District Attorney’s Office to determine if charges should be brought.

This is a terrible incident. Let’s  pray that justice is served to Nicolas Vasquez’s family.

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