‘Wedding Crasher Karen’ ruins neighbor’s big day by mowing lawn and drowning out vows

This wedded pair was not a happy couple.

A “horrible” neighbour, dubbed “Karen,” appeared to spoil a wedding across the street by droning out the bride with a lawnmower as she walked down the aisle.

In fact, the buzzing during her lawn mowing session was so loud that it disrupted the couple’s promises, causing the audience to miss them.

The video, which has over 293,000 views on TikTok, has prompted wrath in the comments section.

“The moment the bride’s song started on and she walked down the aisle, this Karen chose to PURPOSELY mow her lawn and shout at us to spoil the wedding,” said the caption on the video.

The tape featured snippets of the wedding, including the exchange of oaths and the bride walking down the aisle, as well as a glimpse of the “Karen” who ruined the auspicious day.

“She continued throughout the ceremony and we couldn’t hear the vows, etc,” a visitor user said.

“Some individuals are just extremely nasty.” It’s extremely awful,” they said in the comments section, adding that they approached the lady and she wasn’t “nice.”

Obviously, individuals flocked to the comments section to express their unvarnished feelings, with some expressing “anger” at the nameless woman for spoiling the party and others offering retribution suggestions.

“Presently I’d be focused on haphazardly ringing her doorbell no less than once per week forever,” one individual kidded.

“Trust you had a colossal festival and shot the tunes to the extremely early times,” said another.

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While one individual inquired as to whether there was a “meat” between the neighbors, the client who posted the clasp affirmed that there was not a great explanation the “Karen” was being discourteous.

However, a few others agreed with the neighbour, claiming that it is her “property” and that she is free to “do whatever she wants.”

“However, that’s something you have to tolerate when you don’t pay for a venue,” another person said. “It’s her property, and she refused to agree to a wedding.”

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