Students roll up to school sporting American flags on cars after administrator orders to remove them

Schools have uniform rules, conduct codes, and other standards that govern students’ conduct, clothing, language, and behaviour while they are within those hallowed halls and restricting walls.

However, when one administration at Franklin County High School in Virginia sought to crack down on something unexpected, the students’ reaction was astounding.

Three kids were told that they couldn’t fly the American flag on their trucks because it was “inappropriate” and “threatening.” One of the teen’s mothers was taken aback!

Her kid contacted her from school and said he noticed an administrator surrounding his truck and is being summoned to the office.

Other kids were astounded when they learned what was going on. After all, they were Americans, and the flag was a patriotic way for them to express their love for their nation.

So, the next day, a group of students gathered around the three troubled students. They created a caravan of automobiles, all of which were flying the American flag, and drove through town together on their way to school.

The roar of the truck engines can be heard before you see them in the video below, which shows a procession of mostly white vehicles proudly displaying the American flag. Even a car or two made an appearance in the flag procession. They drove into the school parking lot, one vehicle’s horn blasting the opening notes of “Dixie.”

A parent, whose video clip went viral, captured their show of solidarity on tape. Thousands of individuals were taken aback when an official at a public school prohibited pupils from displaying the American flag on their vehicles.

One of the initial three students’ mothers got a phone call from the school’s principal, Jon Crutchfield, that night.

He has apologised to the lads and informed them that flying their flag on their vehicle is not against the regulations. Apparently, there was a major misunderstanding that should never have progressed this far.

Franklin County High School is not the first public school where authorities have attempted to prohibit the use of the flag. After pupils flew the Confederate flag on their vehicles parked at Rocori High School in Minnesota, administrators instituted a flag-display prohibition. The flags, according to school administrators, were inappropriate and prompted worry among other pupils.

The prohibition was challenged the next day by high school pupils. In the school parking lot, around 25 automobiles with American flags were parked. By the end of the day, student leaders and school administrators had reached an agreement that an all-encompassing prohibition would not be enacted and that offending flags or banners would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Students at Mount Zion High School in Georgia gathered in solidarity with a classmate who had been informed he couldn’t exhibit the American flag on his truck while at school. The classmate resorted to social media to express his delight.

“It bothers me because when my mother picks me up from school in my pickup, which is flying an American flag, a staff member comes out and informs me that we are not permitted to fly it in the school’s parking lot.” It isn’t right. This is why we exist. Things like these are what our men are fighting for.”

Students were perplexed as to how the school could fly the American flag out front in the playground but not on their vehicles.

See how the kids banded together to oppose being barred from flying the American flag on their vehicles while at school in the video below. What are your thoughts on such bans?

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