Man recalls moment he found 2-year-old beneath ‘hero’ dad at July 4th parade shooting

A guy who saved a kid whose parents were both murdered in the Highland Park massacre is revealing his terrible recollections of the event.

When a shooter began firing at a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, Tom Brooks was on the scene. Brooks was leaving with his 19-year-old son, Morgan, when Morgan discovered a baby stuck under a man’s body on the ground.

Brooks explained that at first, Morgan says, ”Dad, there’s a boy out there…We have to go get him.”

Kevin McCarthy, 37, the baby’s father, was on the ground and was killed in the shot. Irina McCarthy, 35, the boy’s mom, was also slain.

Brooks thinks McCarthy, who he saw laying face down with his body completely covering his kid, Aidan, flung himself over Aidan to protect him from the gunfire.

Brooks also said that McCarthy was still alive when he and Morgan arrived to assist him, and he explained how Morgan attempted to prevent the massive bleeding from McCarthy’s leg by constructing a tourniquet out of his shirt.

McCarthy had his eyes open and was making gurgling noises, according to Brooks, but he was mostly unresponsive. Brooks stated that he spoke with McCarthy and assured him that Aidan would be OK and that he had done an excellent job safeguarding his son.

Brooks added that he had that baby in his arms, and his last act of courage.

Aidan was not hurt. Brooks stated that the toddler was not sobbing as he took him to safety, but instead kept asking questions about his parents.

“He kept saying ‘shots’… Is my father dead? My mother was shot? “Just kept screaming shots, shots, very simple,” Brooks explained.

Aidan was reconnected with his grandparents in the end. A few days later, the family launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist Aidan and his carers.

“Aiden will be looked for by his loving family, and he will have a long road ahead of him to recover, find stability, and eventually manage life as an orphan,” says a note on the GoFundMe site, which has generated more than $2.8 million so far. “He is surrounded by a group of friends and extended relatives who will adore him and go to any length to guarantee he has what he needs as he matures.”

Brooks, a dad of two, said McCarthy’s ultimate act of courage had a profound impact on him.

“He was protecting his son.” He fell with his son below him “on purpose,” he alleged. “This man is a hero.” His son is alive since his father responded the way he did.”

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