‘KILL EVERYONE’: Police reveal chilling details behind 2019 incident at July 4 parade shooting suspect’s home

At a 2019 event at his house that ended in officials seizing a collection of knives, Robert E. Crimo III, the alleged 21-year-old shooter accused of murdering seven people and wounding many more during the Highland Park, Illinois Fourth of July parade, vowed to “kill everybody.”

According to a police complaint, Highland Park cops attended Crimo’s residence on September 5, 2019 after he reportedly threatened violence.

According to the report, Crimo informed authorities he was despondent three days prior and had a history of drug usage. He was not open with authorities about what he said during his alleged threat, nor was his mom, Denise Pesina, according to police.

Crimo’s dad, Robert Crimo, informed authorities that a number of blades hidden in a tin can lunch box inside a bedroom belonged to him. He promised to hand them over to the police.

A 12-inch dagger and a 24-inch Samurai sword were also taken from the younger Crimo’s bedroom closet.

“Robert E. Crimo III was questioned if he allowed anyone damage themselves or others, and Robert answered No,” according to the police report.

Pesina stated that she will seek referral help from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Crimo’s dad ultimately received the knives back.

Crimo III reportedly ascended onto a roof above the parade route on Monday and began firing on onlookers, killing at least seven people and injuring scores more.

Despite two police trips to the family’s home in 2019, one of which involved a suicide threat and an alleged threat to kill his family, the older Crimo signed an affidavit allowing his then-19-year-old son to apply for a state Firearms Ownership ID card, or FOID.

FOID cards are required for Illinois citizens who want to legally possess weapons, and individuals under the age of 21 must additionally provide written and notarized authorization from a parent.

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