Teacher fired over raunchy OnlyFans, school says she put ‘reputation at risk’

An elementary school teacher was dismissed after her employer discovered her OnlyFans account but she’s grateful for the support of fans and the site, which she describes as “empowering.”

Sarah Seales, 40, was fired by Starbase executives on June 27 after the educational institution said her raunchy internet presence was “endangering its brand.”

Starbase is a Department of Defense initiative that works with local school districts around the country to provide STEM education to fifth grade students. Prior to her discharge, Seales worked at a Starbase facility in South Bend, Indiana.

Outside of class, the single mother had been secretly maintaining an OnlyFans account, where she shared naked selfies with followers.

Her secret existence, meanwhile, was flipped upside down late last month when a reporter from Real News Michiana uncovered her in an internet piece headed, “Local teacher has porn site on side, has kids call her by nickname she uses on porn site.”

Seales earned the nickname “Buttercup” while working with children at Starbase, as per the report. Her OnlyFans username was also found to be “Buttercup1981.”

The article caught the eye of Starbase executives, who quickly fired the blonde bombshell in a letter published on June 27.

These images offer a direct and tangible danger of harm to Starbase Indiana, Inc.’s reputation or business operations, such as the loss of schools, donors, community partners, and our contract to operate with the State National Guard, the letter stated in part.

Prior to her firing, Seales turned to Instagram to express her amazement and sadness at her racy side hustle being revealed, stating she is astonished and heartbroken by his despicable effort to ruin her life. She would appreciate it if one could think of any method to assist her. She added that she is heartbroken.

Many days later, she acknowledged her firing by Starbase in a message to her 1,700 Instagram followers promoting her OnlyFans.

She wrote alongside a photo of herself reclining provocatively in a pale pink bra that please become one of her OnlyFans! She was recently sacked from her teaching position! She is going to need all the help she can get. Tips and loving support are much welcomed.

Seales appears to have garnered a slew of new members in the week following her firing, even stating that OnlyFans might help her break free from the poverty loop being a single mom and teacher has put her in.

She expressed that Onlyfans has also developed a powerful forum for women to produce an endless financial income for themselves. Instead of being abused on dating sites, being used for her photos, and being targeted as an easy lady to take out on a date and receive free sex, she is now a part of the energy exchange.

The former instructor concluded that women may now become their own bosses and control their own platform, sites, and photographs. She is grateful to the fans who are assisting her in reclaiming her life in every wonderful manner imaginable. The response has been overwhelming, and she is now in the top 7% of content creators. 

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