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Man Sparks Outrage For Sleeping In His Wife’s Hospital Bed After She’d Just Given Birth.

Childbirth is one of the most physically grueling experiences a woman can have, yet moms go through it to bring a child into the world.

A new mother should, at the very least, get assistance from her spouse after carrying the child for nine months and giving birth to the child.

Some spouses, though, are less caring than others. Ayla Grace was one of the mothers who felt this immediately. After giving birth to their child, she made a TikTok video in which she talked about her husband’s mean request. “When you get 20 stitches on your [cat emoji] and has the [audacity] to ask to switch off with the bed..” she captioned her photo.

Grace’s video showed her hubby sound sleeping on her hospital bed, wrapped in a pink blanket.

The post quickly went viral, receiving over 9.6 million views, and prompted indignation among viewers who were enraged by the husband’s insensitive behavior.

@aylaagracee men. #really #justgavebirth #butok #woeschallenge #postpartum ♬ Who Want Smoke? – Nardo Wick

Grace isn’t the only mother who has felt this way after giving birth. Lizzie, a new mom, also expressed her feelings on TikTok after her now-ex-husband requested her to sit on the sofa so he could sleep in the bed.

Lizzie’s delivery was challenging, and she suffered a serious pelvic dislocation. She said that her kid weighed nine pounds and nine ounces and was born facing the incorrect direction.

The midwife, like many TikTok users, was outraged to see her ex-husband on the hospital bed while Lizzie was on a chair with a dislocated pelvis. Luckily, Lizzie is no longer subjected to such conduct.

Men can never grasp what it is like for women to give birth. As a result, they should compensate by providing comfort to their spouses.

Earlier, a guy attempted to do precisely that by remaining in the delivery room with his wife, but it turned out that he caused more damage than good. His wife finally booted him out when she was in labor, and he missed his child’s birth.

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