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Thug Shot Cop Four Times, Officer Shows Up At Court: “So, I Got A Little Gift For You”

Kevin Rojas, then 19, attempted to murder an undercover Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officer who was in his vehicle with his adolescent kid. When an off-duty officer bringing his kid to school saw Rojas driving recklessly, he chose to perform a traffic check. Rojas exited his vehicle and fired four shots through the glass of the officer’s vehicle. Fortunately, the officer’s adolescent son was not injured in the incident. The cop, on the other hand, was hit in the face, stomach, and wrist.

Even after receiving a gunshot to the head, the injured cop managed to fire back as Rojas fled. After wrecking the vehicle into a neighbor’s house, the bandit grabbed a pickup and rushed back to his neighborhood, barricading himself inside his house. After cops reported he wouldn’t drop his pistol, Rojas was shot several times through a glass door, hitting him in the chest, leg, and hand.

After being found guilty of attempted first-degree murder, attempted manslaughter, two charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, grand theft auto, and escape, a smug and smiling Rojas was sentenced to life in prison. For each of the acts he committed, Circuit Judge James Daniel sentenced him to the maximum jail term. As a result, Rojas got not just life in jail, but also three 15-year terms for lesser offenses.

The judge informed Rojas that he was struggling with the implications of what transpired the day the adolescent chose to murder the cop cold-bloodedly. He couldn’t see how Rojas might have decided to begin firing with the aim to kill. He is very confident that Mr. Rojas doesn’t realize what the rest of his life implies, the judge stated as he read Rojas’ sentence.

If Rojas didn’t know what life in jail entailed, the officer he attempted to murder provided a hint. The officer chose to mock the young guy who had fired at him and his kid by giving him a farewell present. While Rojas was in court for the attempted murder of an unnamed officer, the policeman spoke a few words to the thug before surprising him with his unique gift.

He’ll take those bullets over a fellow police officer or an innocent bystander, the officer said. If there was a loser on that day, it was Kevin Rojas, he told the court before directly addressing Rojas. When he reintroduced the battle, Rojas fled like a coward. The officer then informed Rojas of the present he had prepared for him. So, he has a small surprise for him, he said. Rojas is going to need a lot of this where he is going, little guy, the cop said as he slapped a container of KY Jelly lubricant on the witness stand in front of him. Although Rojas was not permitted to take the officer’s present with him to jail, the officer’s message was obvious.

Social media users had various feelings about the officer’s present. While many praised the cop for confronting the guy who tried to kill him, others chastised him for mocking a criminal, despite the fact that the thug tried to kill both the cop and his kid.

Kevin Rojas’ family allegedly left the courthouse in tears after his sentencing because they realized the ramifications of the young man’s punishment, even though he is still too young to truly comprehend what “life” means. Fortunately, time has a way of bringing individuals together, and Rojas, who has a lot of time ahead of him, is no exception—although his will be a very painful reality. However, I doubt that many individuals would empathize with him.

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