Man Spots Troubled Young Woman Alone & SENSES SOMETHING IS WRONG.

How far would you go to help a stranger? I suppose that depends on just what that stranger needed… right? and when you reach out to help someone you don’t even know, the biggest reward is knowing you did the right thing.

On a chilly California afternoon, Deputies Anderson and Arbuckle, with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, pulled into a Denny’s restaurant for lunch. They noticed a young woman sitting all by herself in the parking lot, and she seemed distraught. And it looked like she had a really bright-colored polka dot suitcase that apparently carried everything she owned.

Deputy Anderson knew something was wrong, so he approached her and politely asked her some questions. The young woman was all by herself… stranded, with no transportation. So the officers invited her into the restaurant with them and asked her to join them for a meal, which they paid for out of their own pocket.

But something kept nagging at Deputy Anderson. He wondered how she was gonna get back home. After the meal, the deputies had her follow them out to their squad car, and they drove her to the nearest Greyhound bus station. Deputy Anderson then bought her a bus ticket so she could get back home.

The officers’ story about the young woman touched everyone in the department, and it was posted on their website. On the story, it said their “actions demonstrate adherence to the Mission, Vision, and Values of our Department, most notably a concern for the community and treating the woman with empathy and respect when she was in a bad situation.”

CONCERN FOR OUR COMMUNITY: Deputies Anderson and Arbuckle had a break for breakfast one recent morning. As they arrived…

Posted by Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

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