What The Hospital Staff Did For This New Mom Is AMAZING.

Having a baby is a big moment in every couple’s lives. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and having patience can come in very handy for some new parents.

Angela and Michael Bakker were so looking forward to the birth of their daughter, and starting a family. But then, the very unexpected happened. Angela gave birth 15 weeks before her due date, giving that little baby girl, named Naomi Joy, very little chance of survival.

But members of the staff at Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Reno, Nevada, was going to do everything possible in their power to make sure that little girl, who weighed less than a pound, survived. They worked around the clock, keeping Naomi safe in the best environment possible for her.

Parents Angela and Michael had to do something very tough for new parents… they could not hold their little daughter for 2 weeks; her well being came first. But when that time came, little Naomi was placed on Angela’s chest. The staff knew that as much as it was important to keep the little girl in a safe environment, it was ALSO very important for her to have skin-to-skin contact with her mother. And she was now in stable enough condition to be held.

Little Naomi rested peacefully for awhile with her mom, and Angela felt pure joy from it. After that, both Angela and Michael got to hold her every day after that during her long hospital stay, which amounted to about 130 days.

And now, because of the special care given to her, Naomi Joy is a healthy… and very happy… little girl. 

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