Man Stood On A Street From The Last 3 Years Waiting For His Mother.

In Kermah, Texas, residents would drive by a street corner and see the same man just standing there. They would see him there every single day for three years. Sometimes he would just smile as they drove by. Many couldn’t understand; they didn’t know what was going on with him. Why would he just be standing there all this time?

Well that man was Victor Hubbard. And when somebody one day found enough courage to just approach him and ask him why he had been standing there all this time, they got an answer. And that person to approach and ask him was Ginger Sprouse.

Victor, now 38 and mentally ill, told her he was waiting for his mom to come back and get him because he had nowhere else to go. His mother had dropped Victor off on that corner three years before and told him that she would be back to get him. She never returned.

Ginger, on a Facebook post, wrote: “He stands and looks, taps the pole, squints, dances, waves and sometimes just stares. He is a sweet, gentle man that happens to be mentally ill. If you have ever heard the term ‘falling through the cracks’ he is the definition.”

Ginger started visiting with Victor more and more, and they became good friends. She told him to come to her house if the weather ever got bad for him to be in it, and he assured her that he would. Ginger then started taking Victor to area mental health clinics to get him any help he needed.

She took him to doctor appointments and she even hired him at the small restaurant she owned. Then she got him off the streets and into an apartment. The community now is also helping out.

Says Ginger: “Tonight Victor laughed. I mean really laughed. The kind where you fall back on the couch kind of laugh. Where you have tears streaming down your face and you can’t catch your breath. It wasn’t really even that funny. But as he laughed I could almost see the tension leave his body, the years of stress and worry and the anxiety that was clinging to him slowly melting away. I wondered when was the last time he laughed that way? And how sad and lost he was on the corner. And how all of our hearts hurt to see him that way. And how thankful we can be that now he’s not just smiling, but laughing. A deep belly laugh, the kind that comes from a joyful heart. And now we can smile too.” 

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