Woman Shaves Her Head On Wedding Day.

When you love someone… really, really love someone, you will often go to great lengths to support them. And, in this case, those “lengths” come in hair.

Craig and Joan had known each other for the past 30 years, and Craig was head over heels for Joan from the second their eyes met. They were both 14, and love was just a silly, puppy thing back then. But Craig was certain it was more than that. They became friends, but grew up and went their separate ways. They both married other people, but deep inside, Craig always knew it was Joan he should have been with.

As life would have it in this small world of ours, the two would meet up again later in life. Their marriages had ended and they were single again. So Craig and Joan reignited their friendship, and that friendship continued to grow.

Then, while taking a ferry ride on the River Mersey in England, Craig finally confessed his true feelings for Joan. And Joan realized that she had those warm and fuzzy feelings for Craig as well. It was a wonderful love-after-love moment for them. But then, soon after, Craig learned he had terminal pancreatic cancer. He and Joan were stunned… and horrified. But they worked through things together. The marriage that they were planning was moved up because of the cancer. So they were married.

However, it was not your everyday wedding. Because at the reception, just after exchanging their vows, Joan did something to show her ultimate support for her new husband. She had her hair completely shaved off, and turned the reception into a fund-raising event for those with serious illnesses.

Joan chose one of her closest friends to shave her head, along with Craig’s own barber. As it was being done, a saxophonist played a song that took the couple back to when true feelings were expressed, Ferry Cross the Mersey.

Said Craig of his bride after the clippers took her hair: “It was obviously the first time I had seen Joan without her hair and she looked beautiful, absolutely stunning. She is the woman of my dreams.”

Joan donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children who’ve lost their hair from cancer treatment.

Kimberley Struth served as the wedding photographer for the couple, and this was her take on it: “I expected the ceremony to be quite sad but it wasn’t at all and, in fact, it was one of the happiest weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.”

With that, Craig and Joan’s marriage sounds like it was definitely meant to be. 

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