Man Was Confused Why His Wife Told Him Not To Check His Phone When He Got Up In The Morning.

She always wakes up earlier than me, today she came in the bedroom like she usually does and sat with me, sort of hugged me.

She told me, she made my breakfast and coffee and acted like everything was fine, she told me the guy with puppy we’re adopting said everything was confirmed and we can pick him up whenever we wanted.


Then she hugged me and told me not to check my phone just yet because she has something to tell me. I was confused but calm, she said my dad wasn’t too well and they had to call an ambulance for him this morning, but unfortunately he passed on the way to the hospital 

I was shocked and she hugged me tight and told me she’s driving me back home as soon as I’m ready and that she already messaged my boss telling him what happened and got me the entire week off.

I was shocked, especially since when I looked at my phone (I leave it on DND till 7am) and saw 2 messages from my mom around 6:40 am saying, dad had a heart attack and then 6 mins after saying he’s dead.

I can’t imagine how it would have felt to wake up to seeing those texts, I can’t believe how sweet and thoughtful and considerate my wife was when breaking the news to me.

This was one of the sweetest things she’s ever done for me, just the way she came in hugged me, eased it in and being strong while I know she was holding back tears too.

This is why I love her.

Source: Reddit

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