Wife Notices Her Husband Secretly Going To Garage Every Night To Record This.

When I was twelve, my uncle gave me a cassette tape that had Ray Bradbury stories. Ever since then, and I am not exaggerating, I have listened to these stories almost every single night since then. When I met my husband ten years ago, he downloaded Bradbury’s stories onto my phone, so that I didn’t need to find a cassette player to enjoy my stories.

Last summer, I mentioned to my husband that if he died, I wouldn’t have anything to listen to his voice. No voicemails, no videos, nothing. Well, he seemed to take that to heart because for the last several months, my husband has been going to the garage after I go to bed, and records himself reading Bradbury stories for me. So, now, I will always have his voice to listen to whenever I’m missing him.

This man is my absolute hero. I love him so much, words can’t express it.

Source: Reddit

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