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Man who lived homeless for years saves baby in stroller from rolling onto busy highway at the last second.

A terrifying video that went viral earlier this week (Monday, May 1) showed a pram with a baby inside moving towards a busy highway in Hesperia, California. The baby’s minder – supposedly a great aunt – can be seen falling over as she tries to pursue the stroller, leaving her powerless on the floor as the stroller travels towards doom in the heart-stopping video.

Luckily, Ron Nessman was in the neighbourhood for a job interview, and he sprang into action to perform one of the rescues of the century.

Based on, Ron was homeless for years before moving in with his sister, Donna. He’s since begun on a quest to find work and was on his way to a job interview when he got caught up in a crisis scenario.

When Ron saw the stroller moving towards the busy highway, he felt compelled to make a split-second choice.

He knew he could get it, and he got it, Ron said to a local news station. And he is thankful for that since hetruly wouldn’t want to see the end consequence if he wasn’t there.

Ron conveyed his compassion to the lady caring for the infant, stating she tried all she could to grab the pram.

She tried everything she possibly could to get up, Nessman added. Her knees were bleeding when he got up to her, and she remained startled and weeping.

Ron said that he noticed the pram was going towards the traffic and he immediately ran towards the pram and dived before it went into the traffic and there was a child inside the pram.

He was thankful to be in the right place at the right time.

Needless to say, after being shared on social media, video of Ron’s courageous rescue instantly went viral. Many commentators couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but everyone agreed that Ron is a hero!

The rescue may be seen in the video below.

Thank goodness Ron was there to avert what would have definitely been a horrible disaster.

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