Mom of two moves into first home but dog starts to act strangely – then she looks closer at the walls.

Amber Hall believed she’d discovered her perfect first home after weeks of research when she stepped into a four bedroom, two bathroom house for sale in Centennial, Colorado. According to accounts, she imagined her two kids and their two dogs playing in the backyard and was very pleased with the site.

Certainly, she had no idea that the home already had occupants of the slithery kind.

Amber was eager for her family to move in and make the property their own after formally purchasing it. However, warning bells rang in her thoughts while she was unloading, and one of her dogs started to act oddly.

She said that she was trying to unpack, and her dog crouched down and started walking over here really slowly.

When she came over to see what he was looking at, she thought it was a spider or something, and there were two little holes right here, and she saw snakes slither up the wall. As a result, she panicked.

Yes, you read it right. There are snakes in the walls.

According to reports, the big serpents had coiled up within the wall next to the entrance leading from the garage to the yard. When Hall reached farther up the wall, she felt warmth, suggesting that there were more of the animals hidden away.

She remarked about the snakes, saying that they were shockingly big.

After all of the research, everyone agrees they’re some kind of garter snake. They do, however, state that no one has ever seen their garter snake grow that large.

She can’t unpack any of her belongings since she is terrified of snakes in the boxes or beneath the boxes. It’s as if one goes into bed and quickly takes the blankets off or leaps out of bed to make sure nothing is in there.

Amber said that the first snake was located around a week ago. Since then, a total of ten snakes have been discovered.

The terrified mother called a snake wrangler, who has been removing the snakes from the house in a humane manner. According to Amber, depending on the size of the snakes, some of them may have been residing in the home for the last two years.

Hall added that she does not believe she is the first to find them, but she does believe anyone would ever say they knew they were there.

It’s difficult. This is her first house, and she is 42 years old. She has worked her whole life for it, yet she can’t seem to enjoy it. Her kids will like it. She is terrified to death.

Amber has spent roughly $1,000 so far to get rid of her undesirable home visitors. She stated she won’t be at ease until the concrete in the house is pulled up to find out where they’re living.

This is her worst nightmare! She can only imagine how uneasy Amber and her kids must feel living in a snake-infested home.

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