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Meg Ryan makes first appearance in six months – and fans can’t believe her “unrecognizable” look.

Meg Ryan made her first public appearance in six months to express her support for Michael J. Fox ahead of the debut of a new documentary on his Parkinson’s disease fight.

Ryan, 61, has apparently been missing for six months after making a determined choice in recent years to pull away from the spotlight.

She went out to support her buddy Michael J. Fox at a screening of his next film, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie.

Fans were quick to remark on Ryan’s new appearance, which some described as “unrecognizable” after the duo was seen together looking joyful.

Despite her prior denials, the Sleepless in Seattle star, who made her on-screen debut in Rich and Famous (1981), showed exceptionally clear skin, sparking rumors that she may have dabbled in cosmetic surgery.

In fact, several people expressed their displeasure with Meg’s new style online, reigniting a controversy that the actress has already weighed in on.

Ryan has previously said that she pays little heed to individuals who criticize her looks.

She addressed the rumors of cosmetic surgery in an interview in 2015.

She doesn’t pay a lot of attention, frankly, she said at the time. Today’s world is filled with animosity. It’s so simple to pass judgment. What a moron it is to be a hater.

On Michael J. Fox’s big night, the actress looked to be in high spirits as she posed for photographs with Billy Murray and Elvis Costello at the aforementioned screening, held at the Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Centre in New York.

Fox, who recently said that he didn’t expect he’d live to be 80, is producing a new documentary on his life in the three decades following his diagnosis.

At the age of 29, the Back to the Future actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Despite his early efforts to conceal his ailment, he has recently emerged as a key player in the push for more awareness and study.

Fox frankly pondered on his own mortality in a recent tear-jerking interview, adding that his continuous struggle with Parkinson’s was “getting tougher.”

He also said that he just had spinal surgery after a tumour on his spine was discovered. While it was not harmful, it did impair his ability to walk, and he was hurt as a result of a fall.

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