Man who punched his newborn daughter to death was found dead in jail

Liam Deane, 22, was found deceased in his prison cell who beaten his baby girl to death in 2017. Liam Deane had been convicted of killing his new-born daughter after attacking her just because she would not stop crying.

The new-born baby called Luna had been left with her father while her mom went to sleep in their Wakefield home. But when Luna wouldn’t stop crying, her cruel father hit her in the face, trembled and pressed her badly.

Baby was hurried to a hospice and placed in exhaustive care at Leeds hospital but pass away after suffering terrible brain damages. Deane apparently broke down and self-confessed to attacking the little girl and murders her while being examined by police about the toddler’s death.Liam Deane was killed in his lockup a month after being imprisoned for his terrible criminalities against his daughter.

John Westland, 28 year old inmate was ultimately charged with the murder of Deane at the court. Westland was supposedly bordered by police officers before being presented in front of the court. He was sent back to jail and ordered to await his appearance at Leeds Crown Court due to the grave nature of his offenses.

An identical instance transpired in 2020 when a 26-year-old man found himself sharing a cell with the man who sexually assaulted his juvenile sister a few years back. Shane Goldsby abused imprisoned rapist Robert Munger to death at the Airway Heights Corrections Center in Washington after officers allegedly overlooked his demand for a different cellmate. 

Shane Goldsby initially landed in jail for robbing a Kelso police duty car and leading the state highway patrol on a prolonged hunt which ended up hurting a trooper. After having a number of arguments with prison guards, he moved from one prison to the other up until he finally arrived in Munger’s cell.

According to the information, Goldsby stamped Munger in the face several times before stomping his head at least four times in the jail’s public area. Munger yielded to his wounds later. As a consequence, Goldsby was given 25 years in jail after he delivered a passionate confession to the victim’s family.

In his admission of guilt, Goldsby said that he cannot visualize what it would be like to miss a loved one in this kind of approach. He asks for forgiveness to Munger’s wife and his whole family. He said to them that he is so regretful and hope the family member is able to patch up from the pain that he had produced.

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