Boyfriend Called Her A “Fat Piece Of Garbage” Who Would Never Be Able To Lose The Weight Or Meet Another Man.

Alvina Rayne, 32, is a mother from Philadelphia who wasn’t always overweight. It was all okay until she got involved in an offensive bond with her boyfriend that she started eating junk food and feeling disheartened.

Similar to many people in these types of relationships, Rayne wasn’t strong enough to get out of it. Her boyfriend continued to manipulate her, but Rayne was so depressed that she couldn’t leave him. Eventually she turned to oily and sugary foods to deal with the verbal and emotional exploitation she faced on a consistent basis.

When Rayne was at her heftiest mass, 274 lbs, her boyfriend termed her a fat piece of garbage and he would tell her that no one would want her and that she was useless and would never be able to reduce weight. With high blood pressure, a pre-diabetes finding and anxiety bouts, her health was in a descending curved.

For the reason of her terrible eating habits, Rayne became so heavy that she had to buy clothing in men’s sizes. Even walking up and down the stairs became strenuous.

Subsequent to years of abuse and emotional chaos, something inside Rayne finally hit it off. She realised somewhere in 2009 that she had enough and got to know that something had to change and fast. Particularly after she had kids who were reliant on her.

Collecting all the power that she probably could, Rayne discarded her boyfriend for once and for all. Not only did she get liberated of her offensive boyfriend, she also made a comprehensive nutrition and daily life refurbishment.

She substituted to a low-carb keto intake. Whenever she struggled, she would repeat herself of all the things that her ex-boyfriend told her. Rayne was determined to prove him wrong and lost 130 lbs.

Once reducing 130 lbs, Rayne ran into her ex-boyfriend’s mother who was blown away by her new look. Even her ex-boyfriend called her up and he tried to get her back in his life. But she told him there was not a chance that would forever take place.

With her inspirational video blogs, Rayne now motivate others to make healthier picks. She wants others to know that they can surprise their life completely all over again. She said that there is no need to stay where you are and added that it is great to understand that you are in control of your body and life.

Rayne is now happily wedded to a man who delights her with love and affection that she be worthy of.

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