John Travolta Honors Fallen Son Jett On What Would Have Been His 30th Birthday.

On April 13, the 68 year old celebrated actor paid tribute to his and Kelly Preston’s firstborn, Jett, who passed away in 2009.  

John Travolta Honours his late son Jett on what would have been his 30th birth anniversary.

Jett was 16 when he went on a family holiday with his late mom Kelly Preston and pass away. This Wednesday would’ve been Jett’s 30th birthday. John took to Instagram to post a black-and-white photo of a jubilant instant he shared with Jett.

John’s Instagram account followers and those who follow his life story would know that this is how John typically marks his late son’s birthdate.

On Jett’s special day this year, John wrote a profound honour to go along with the sweet photo, saying, “My dearest Jetty, I miss you more than words can say. I think about you every day. Happy Birthday. Love, your Dad.” As time and again the case is, the photograph captured Jett in his last years as he was only 16 when he passed away in 2009.

Jett’s all birthdays so far are special to John, but this one marked a most important landmark for Jett as he would have turned 30 if the actions of his life had emerged in a different way. It’s constantly a shattering heartbreak to miss someone at such a young age and that disaster was compacted by how abruptly the whole thing seemed to come to an end for Jett.

Jett was on a holiday with his family at their earmarked spot at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island when he smashes his head on a bathtub after experiencing a seizure.

Unluckily, this instance isn’t the lone cause why the spring months are often a hard time of year for the Travolta household. And that’s because Jett’s birthday comes less than three months before the anniversary of his mother Kelly Preston’s death on July 12, 2020 at the age of 57.

That gloomy period came after a two-year long encounter with breast cancer when Kelly’s lost her hard fight that she battled for herself.  John expressed his love and emotion and said that Kelly’s affection and existence will continuously be remembered.

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