Mom is charged with killing her two children, aged 3 and 5

A Florida mother has been accused of murdering her two little kids after authorities reacted to multiple hang-up 911 calls from her residence and discovered their hogtied bodies. As indicated by the arrest report, Odette Lysse Joassaint, 41, told authorities who came to the site on Tuesday night, ‘Come grab them, I don’t want them any longer.’ She looked unreasonable, according to police. 

As per the police report, authorities entered the Little River apartment in Miami and discovered Jeffrey, 3, and Laural, 5, choked on the bed with their arms, legs, and neck bound. Joassaint was accused with two counts of first-degree killing and was kept detained without bond in Miami-Dade County Court. 

It’s unclear how many 911 calls she made or whether she talked with a dispatcher. According to Miami police spokesperson Michael Vega, the dad was not there at the moment, but there had been at least four calls to the residence in the previous year for aggressive behavior at home, intruding and aggravation. According to Vega, none of the occurrences involved minors, and no arrests were made. 

Law implementation is also collaborating with the Florida Department of Children and Families, yet it is unclear whether the department has previously worked with the family. The state agency did not reply to demands for data. 

Frantzy Belval, the dad, stated that he would get the children every weekend and take them to spend the night with him. Both Joassaint and Belval are originally from Haiti, although he moved to the United States in 1995 and she in 2015. He explained that she had requested him to cancel his agreement with the apartment so that he could move back in with her. However she caused too many issues. 

Belval stated that he was unaware of any mental illness diagnosis, but that Joassaint had lost custody due to the status of an older kid. The child’s father stayed in Haiti. Belval said in an emotional interview that he doesn’t feel so good anymore. He is not sure why she killed her children. Last night when he got home, the cops came in and said they wanted to talk to him, and they said, “We really apologize. You had two children who died.” 

May the little angels’ souls rest in peace. May the father find peace and strength to bear this unimaginable loss.

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