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Maria Menounos Reveals Glimpse of Daughter Athena’s Face on Her 3-Month Milestone

Maria Menounos adores being a mother.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, the 45-year-old presenter of the Heal Squad podcast honored the third month of his daughter Athena’s life by revealing the infant’s face for the first time.

“3 months old today! Kev and I really want to keep her little face off social media, but no one ever saw her smile because she was too little when we shot the magazine cover,” she wrote.

“Anyway, while she’s still little, I figure I’ll get this one post out as she LIGHTS up our day every day, and I hope she can light yours up to! We love her so much we may explode!”

The brand-new mother discussed her choice to post the adorable picture on social media in the Heal Squad episode that aired on Monday.

Menounos claims, “I posted for the first time so that everyone can see her face,” adding that she and husband Keven Undergaro had previously spoken about not sharing her.

“That photo of the three of us that I shared really occurred. ‘Oh my gosh, she’s owning us,’ I think. She is in the center, one hand on my and the other on your chin. She gushed, “It simply happened, and it was beautiful.

She is 22 months old in that image. It all came together when she smiled beside us and raised her head to face the camera, said Undergaro.

Menounos insists that she has no intention of sharing her information until a “life-changing situation” arises. “I’m going to try really hard not to, for her sake.”

The television star shared Athena’s one-month birthday and explained how she chose her name while serving as a guest presenter on a July edition of Live with Kelly and Mark.

“It’s interesting. I went back to the video from when I first informed Kevin I was pregnant, and I was already referring to the baby as Athena. I didn’t even know,” she said to Consuelos. “[Athena] is] the goddess of] war, wisdom, courage, and strength, all of those wonderful things.”

“Alexandra, her middle name, is the protector of humanity. That’s a lot of weird things that I didn’t put together.

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