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Mariah Carey Wants Primary Custody Of Her Twins Now That Nick Cannon Is Juggling 11 Kids.

Nick Cannon has definitely had his hands full in recent years, having welcomed a dozen children — and counting — into his mixed family. However for Nick, his hectic lifestyle has spurred ex-wife Mariah Carey to desire some adjustments for their twins, and we have a feeling Nick will be upset.

According to a source close to the “Fantasy” singer, Mariah wishes son Moroccan and daughter Monroe to live with her full-time in the future. While she and Nick have a parenting agreement that has been in place since their divorce in 2014, Nick’s constant stream of new kids has the unofficial queen of Christmas considering changing their arrangement.

Unfortunately, Mariah’s children don’t get much daddy time right now. “The fact is that Monroe and Moroccan are typically with Mariah anyhow, the person explained. Nick doesn’t see them often.”

Yet, it does not appear like Nick is doing so on purpose. The insider went on to say that he tries to make as much time as he can for them, but his hectic schedule doesn’t always permit it.

The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer isn’t attempting to punish her ex for growing his family over the years, according to reports. But she wishes to put him on notice that he can’t casually flutter in and out of their lives while he takes care of his other kids, the insider added. She also seeks formal recognition as the twins’ primary carer.

The Wild n’ Out star has a lot on her plate. He has also welcomed Golden, Powerful, Zion, Zillion, Zen (who died in December 2021), Legendary, Onyx, Rise, Beautiful, and Halo since 2011. Having all those kids must be difficult for Nick to manage, so we can understand Mariah’s fears about how much this lifestyle is hurting her twins.

Whatever occurs with the custody agreement, we have to assume that the tweens will see facts about their connection with their father disseminated in the public, which will be difficult for them. If the custody arrangement switch-up report is genuine, Mariah and Nick should be able to reach a speedy and cordial new agreement and make the modifications that are best for their children.

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