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Parents Upset After Seeing ‘Offensive’ Sign That Sends Unfriendly Message To Families.

The Old Fisherman’s Grotto on Monterey’s renowned Fisherman’s Wharf has a history of generating national news and igniting controversy. Indeed, a banner they’ve kept up for years has consistently drew unfavourable focus to the establishment. Owner Chris Shake appears to be sticking fast after his “anti-children” sign not only stays displayed but has once again drawn the ire of a new generation of angry mums.

Restaurants having and posting regulations is not unusual, but what Chris Shake demands of his patrons may be exceptional. There will be no strollers, high chairs, or booster seats. Children wailing or making loud noises are a distraction to other guests and are therefore not permitted in the dining area, a notice posted outside Old Fisherman’s Grotto declares plainly.

Teresa Colombani remarked that she believe it’s absurd. She think kids need to understand how to behave in restaurants, and if you don’t take them to them, they don’t understand how to act, and they shouldn’t be tucked away, expressing her anger with the offending sign. Children should be permitted at restaurants.

She probably wouldn’t go there to avoid dealing with that kind of attitude, Kelly Lozano added, sharing her thoughts on the sign. It shocks her since this is a family holiday spot where one go with ones kids.

Another client alleges she was turned down for a high chair for her 6-month-old kid. She is utterly startled since it has never happened to her, she remarked. Normally, they cater, at least provide a high chair for the kid, but it felt like they didn’t want any youngster. They turned them away because they thought the youngster couldn’t make any noise.

Angela Espinoza of Pittsburg recently complained about the restaurant’s rules in a Facebook community for Bay Area parents after she and her husband intended to spend their anniversary at Old Fisherman’s Grotto.

Because the couple planned to spend the weekend away from their kid, having her child with her was not a problem. Rather, the self-described seafood enthusiast claims that the restaurant’s approach toward children has turned her off. The sign is discriminatory for any child who needs a booster seat and is younger no matter what, she told. She also believe it’s the phrasing; it’s not polite at all. Perhaps ‘adults only’ would make more sense.

Espinoza’s claims of “discrimination” are completely false. To guarantee that the language on the sign was not discriminatory, the owner got it vetted by a lawyer. Concerning the complaint that the restaurant isn’t kid-friendly, Chris Shake stated unequivocally that if parents don’t like it, they can go somewhere else. If a location has regulations, those are the rules, he explained. One either go in and follow the rules, or one find a better place for oneself.

According to Shake, the restaurant has become highly recognized for its calm eating experience, and the policy has definitely been beneficial to business. They have numerous families that lunch with them with their children who are well behaved and understand their policies about other guests, he explained. They’ve discovered that people who submit unfavourable reviews about their policy are those who haven’t dined yet but are outraged by the sign and the policy.

Many others agree with Shake, coming to the restaurant exclusively for a dining experience free of boisterous youngsters. Alondra J. of San Francisco expressed her support for the policy on Yelp that there will be no strollers, booster seats, or highchairs. This is what drew her into this eatery. Just the concept that she would be able to enjoy a calm supper with no kids shouting, sometimes it’s required. In all honesty, folks should not be so upset by this. When they ate there, there were clearly children there.

Individuals have dined at the restaurant with their kids, according to Yelp user Robin M. of Oakland, but it was not a nice experience. At one point, another waitress informed them that others were complaining about their children and that they needed to remain quiet. He has never been advised to keep his children quiet before. When he mentioned it to the waiter, she informed him there was a notice outside with children’s guidelines, she noted in her review. They don’t appear to be kidding. She was not only unrepentant, but also really unpleasant about the whole thing.

Is the restaurant unsuitable for children, or is it intended more toward a peaceful, adult-oriented experience? Is it necessary for every establishment to have children? We want to enjoy kid-free trips as parents, so why is it disrespectful for a restaurant to offer an area where adults can do the same? There are several locations to take your kids, but there aren’t quite as many that can give and assure a kid-free, tranquil time. Go to Old Fisherman’s Grotto if that’s what you’re looking for. Choose another restaurant if you like your children to be as loud as they want. It appears to be rather straightforward to me.

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