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Marie Osmond Says She Won’t Leave Any Money To Her Children After She Dies.

The women of The Talk are always discussing the most intriguing themes relating to current events. Things heated up when the cohosts discussed Kirk Douglas’ estate. In February 2020, the actor died at the age of 103. Many people were startled when he left the majority of his $80 million wealth to his charity, the Douglas Foundation.

During the discussion, presenter Marie Osmond acknowledged that she would most likely make the same choice as Kirk. She recounted how she and her husband, Steve Craig, arrived at their conclusion. She said that they were concerned that giving money to the children might have a detrimental influence on their work ethic.

That got the women—Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Eve, and guest presenter Carnie Wilson—chatting about what parents owe to their kids, what employment means to them, and more. The issue divided the hosts since they all had multiple viewpoints on what was right. Notwithstanding the strong reasons stated, Marie was certain that she would not leave any money to her children.

During Friday’s edition of The Talk, Marie Osmond spoke out about money. The women were discussing Kirk Douglas’ estate during a program. The majority of his fortune was bequeathed to his charity, The Douglas Foundation, rather than his children.

Marie said that she intends to do the same with her kids.

Marie Osmond Not Willing Money to her Kids

FAN FEEDBACK! #MarieOsmond has revealed that her children will NOT be inheriting her fortune! Yeppp, Marie says the handout would be a "disservice" to her kids. Watch the clip and let us know what you think!

Posted by The Daily Buzz on Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Marie went on to describe how she and her husband, Steve Craig, arrived at that decision. She believes one does ones kids a big disservice by simply handing them wealth since one takes away the one most essential thing one can offer ones kids — and that is the opportunity to work.

Marie also expressed her concern that leaving kids with too much money may be harmful.

She added that one sees that a lot in wealthy households when the kids don’t know what to do and end up in trouble. Let them be proud of what they create, and she’ll donate hers to her charity.

All because she won’t leave everything to her seven surviving children, that doesn’t mean she won’t try to aid them while she’s still alive. Marie said that she didn’t mind if the kids asked her for help buying a house or a car.

Sheryl Underwood, another co-host, disagreed with Marie. She believes that when one comes from a wealthy family, one should teach their kids to appreciate and understand money, and since they were born into the family, they should have a healthy regard for money. She’d love to have some kind of money left for her by someone else so she can get a head start.

When affluent individuals claim, “I’m not leaving anything to my kids!” I believe them. They’ve been having a wonderful life; she made note of it. It’s worth noting that the children of rich families grow up with a specific lifestyle to which they become accustomed.

Carnie Wilson, the show’s guest host, took a neutral position on the issue.

Sharon Osbourne was more sympathetic to Sheryl’s point of view. Everyone is different, and she simply knows that her husband’s body of work, which he’s written and which has maintained them all in the lifestyle that they enjoy, belongs to her children, and his name and likeness go to her children, she said. She doesn’t want someone who has never met her husband to own his name and image and sell T-shirts all over the place. No, it will remain in the Osbourne family.

Viewers of the broadcast weighed in on the many points of view online. Several individuals were dissatisfied with Marie’s choice and were outspoken about it.

One fan even questioned Marie’s parenting abilities. The fan argues that if Marie does not trust her kids to make wise financial decisions, it speaks volumes about her parenting skills.

Marie is hardly alone in her refusal to leave money to her children. Bill Gates has pledged to give his three kids “just” $10 million. That may seem like a large sum, yet it represents just 1% of his vast wealth.

Warren Buffet has similarly pledged to donate almost all of his fortune to charity. His kids will inherit a portion of his rich stock portfolio. It will still give them a substantial sum, but the majority of it will be donated to excellent charities.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have also said that their fortune would not be left to their two kids. The couple explained their choice in a Facebook post in 2015, before their second daughter was even born.

Marie’s kids have not commented on her choice. We have a hunch they were previously aware of it based on the surety with which she articulated it. Marie has the right to do whatever she wants with her land, even if many others are offended.

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