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Woman Viciously Bites Cop During Arrest, Blood Test Results Came Back.

Dayton Smith, 38, of Memphis, Tennessee, made a bad situation worse when she was pulled over while driving a 2007 Chrysler 300. She attempted to leave during what should have been a routine traffic check for expired tags and driving on a suspended license with no proof of insurance since she had marijuana, crack, and cocaine in her vehicle.

When Smith was detained and put in the back of a squad vehicle, she started to knock on the windows of the police cruiser, asking cops if she could use the restroom. She attempted to flee police custody by running away while cops handled her toileting needs and told her she needed to wait. Yet it was far from the worst thing she did.

She was brought to the ground when authorities apprehended her. That’s when she decided to assault a cop, biting his arm and tearing his flesh in the process. She was also “swinging at the officer with her keys between her fingers,” according to the affidavit.

Smith seemed to be pleased with herself. While being treated for injuries received during the battle, she informed medical officials that she was HIV positive. This means she might have awarded the cop the death penalty for performing his duty when she bit him and drew blood—dreadful news for him to hear.

The cop was escorted to a nearby hospital and treated for the bite wound as well as suspected HIV exposure before being discharged. But, since Smith was facing a slew of charges, the criminal exposure to HIV accusation was withdrawn. The criminal’s test results, it turns out, revealed a troubling fact. Smith’s HIV tests came back negative. Dayton Smith had lied, leading an officer to believe that his life was in danger.

Although it’s very reassuring that he wasn’t infected with HIV, it doesn’t make what this lady did any less horrible. He had no clue if he would survive or suffer a lengthy and agonizing death that would affect how he spent the rest of his life while he waited for the findings. Consider the possibility that he is married. What a blow this news would have been to their relationship if he hadn’t discovered it was all a ruse concocted by a sick and disturbed lady. Not to mention that the HIV treatments, which should be begun right away, might have negative consequences for your well-being.

Notwithstanding the fact that prosecutors dismissed the criminal exposure to HIV accusation, Smith’s other counts remain. Violations of vehicle registration law, financial law, driving while a license is suspended or revoked, resisting official custody, two counts of serious assault, two charges of possession of a prohibited drug, and possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver are among them.

Dayton Smith was arrested and sent behind bars, where she deserves, on a $50,000 bail. Maybe, she’ll remain there for a long time. This lady has no place in modern society. Unfortunately, she is one in a million, and it is our law enforcement personnel that have to deal with such degenerates on a regular basis, trying to keep the rest of us safe.

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