Marilyn Milian & husband of 29 years, also a judge, spend ‘every waking minute together’

Marilyn Milian and her husband of 29 years, who is also a judge, spend “every waking moment together.” For many people, Marilyn Milian is an American icon. So why not?

For years, the now 61-year-old has delighted us as she ruled over The People’s Court, the first arbitration-based reality court program and the second-longest running court show in American history.

What is less well-known is Milian’s one-of-a-kind romantic story with her hubby of 29 years, Judge John Schlesinger.

They married in 1993 and have 3 kids, all of whom are now adults.

Considering their marriage’s obvious success, Milian had reservations about how things would turn out.

Milian met her husband John Schlesinger at a pub, similar to how she met many of the men she had previously dated, the judge stated in October 2017 during an off-air taping of The People’s Court.

Several federal and state prosecutors, including Schlesinger, gathered in the bar. The television personality stated that she was the first to notice Schlesinger and even took the first approach.

The aspiring young judge kept pressing a federal prosecutor who was standing between her and her goal at the bar, asking him to introduce her to her future spouse.

Following introductions, the two started dating, regularly visiting Chinese restaurants together. Milian was just out of a prior relationship at the time, and she was confused and insecure about the new connection she’d begun with Schlesinger. She questioned whether she was merely on the rebound.

On a date one day, she expressed her reservations to Schlesinger, who replied that they could take things slowly and see where the relationship went.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with only one step, Milian remembered Schlesinger saying to her as he handed her a fortune cookie with the words written inside it.

One year and a few months later, as they were dining at a restaurant, Schlesinger proposed. Milian remembers him taking the ring out of his pocket without the box.

He was telling her how much he loves her, and he was holding her hands, and he goes into his pocket and pulls out the ring, which had obviously been in his pocket for the previous four hours, and puts it into her, she remembered.

She mocked him for carrying the ring that way once the emotions had dissipated, and the newly engaged couple laughed.

To the joy of fans, the People’s Court Instagram page has published many throwback photographs of Milian and Schlesinger when they were younger.

The couple tied the knot on April 4, 1993, and they are still as blissful as they can be, enjoying their 28th wedding anniversary in 2021. To honor the occasion, The People’s Court Instagram page posted a sweet photo of them raising a glass in celebration.

The duo appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show in July 2021, when they discussed their life and romance.

They confessed that they not only rely on and collaborate in their personal lives, but also in their professional lives, frequently seeking guidance from one another in their separate chambers.

When he was a judge and Milian was taping in New York or Connecticut and he was dealing with severe matters, he would phone her from chambers and say, ‘Listen up, I have this, this, and this, what do you think?’ And he’d bounce it off her, Schlesinger said on the show to Drew Barrymore.

Milian said that the two had long depended on each other for professional guidance and assistance, even during their early days as prosecutors.

As they live and work together, the couple has become “absolutely, truly intertwined.” From the studio to their living room, they see their lives completely entwined.

This involves incorporating work to their South Florida home, such as when they had to film in their own living room due to coronavirus – precisely where “the couple sets their Christmas tree.”

There’s no rest, no hiding, Schlesinger quipped.

She never anticipated it would appear like this, Milian remarked.

On September 10, 2020, The People’s Court’s Instagram page released an interview with Schlesinger, in which fans discovered that he will be boosting his participation on his wife’s reality TV program.

The couple’s obvious fondness for one another was evident in a December 2021 film in which Milian and Schlesinger appear behind the scenes of the performance, even exchanging a kiss for the camera.

According to them, the amount of time they spend together is “wonderful” and “magical,” with Milian remarking that “it’s a good thing she likes her spouse.”

Milian and Schlesinger’s work-life balance is truly linked – and the pair is loving every minute of it.

The pair has stated that they have diverse personalities, which they think contributes to the success of their relationship. Milian is described by Schlesinger as a “complete type triple A” who is constantly on top of everything.

Milian and Schlesinger have three daughters, all of whom are now adults.

A nice throwback photo of the pair with their three kids when they were little was released on The People’s Court’s Instagram page in October 2021.

Later, in August 2021, the Instagram page displayed another family photo, this time of all three grown-up daughters sitting at a restaurant with their adored mother.

The husband and wife are now empty nesters and have stated that they are thoroughly enjoying the situation.

In an Instagram video posted in November 2021, they discussed life as empty nesters. Milian, all grins, stated that being an empty nester “rocked,” despite her worries at first.

She was expecting to feel utterly terrible, Milian said.

The pair is having a great time and feels like there are so many more hours in the day now.

Milan joked that they can eat and travel anywhere they want, adding, There aren’t three other people expressing their opinion and not paying.

Off-Air with Judge Milian

Posted by The People's Court on Thursday, 26 October 2017

Milian revealed that when her kids come, they open their fridge and grumble that it contains nothing but “styrofoam boxes,” as if the empty nesters are college students.

Nonetheless, life keeps her busy as she supports her daughters. Whether it’s helping at their school, transporting kids to volleyball or rowing practice, it keeps her quite busy, she added.

What an adorable couple and family!

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