Maryland Dad Tries to Rescue 2 Beloved Daughters from Burning Home – It Was Too Late to Save Them

An intense fire swept over the summer holiday home where the Wiener family was staying on rent. The family lost two young girls to the despotic blazes. The young girls who lost their life are Jillian and Lindsay Wiener.

As per the announcement issued by their school, Jillian had been a brilliant sportsperson who played ice hockey and soccer. She was just going to commence her senior year at the University of Michigan. Lindsay had been the head of the Jewish Culture Club and was very dedicated to her task of helping. She was just a few weeks away from her sophomore year at Tulane University.  

Lewis Wiener, father of Jillian, and Lindsay, is the president of the Washington Hebrew Congregation in D.C.

The Wiener household decided to take a journey to New York before their children had to coming back to college. They were all napping around 3.30 a.m. when the fire broke out.

Lewis Wiener woke to the noise of glass shattering and as soon as he found what was going on, he attempted to get his family protected. He and his spouse could make it out securely but then the fire grew too rapidly and they had no chance to take their kids out of the fire.

Luckily, their 23 year-old son, Zachary, was able to get out via window and he had to jump to safety and managed to run-away without any serious damages.

Jillian and Lindsay, however, were not so fortunate. They were stuck in their room on a higher floor and the fire choked every likely exit. Lewis tried to run through the blazes to protect them, but his efforts turns out to be too late.

Firemen who reached to dowse the blazes also attempted to make their way in to protect the girls, but the blazes pushed back.

They tried to dowse the fires quickly while hopeful that the girls would survive, but they could not be able to do so. The fire did not char their bodies; though, they had gasped too much fume.

Doctors swiftly arrive and took them to a hospital, but it was of no use as Jillian and Lindsay had yielded to the fires.

Establishments have denied any type of foul play, but that does not response the question of what transpired. Cops said that the home had been registered for rental on Zillow but they could not confirm why it was listed there.

The house had been hired but cops could not discover any connection between the Wieners and the listed proprietor. The Town’s emergency management administrator also specified that the house had no rental license documented and no security review had been done.

It is certainly a heartbreak, but everybody hopes that Lewis and the rest of his family will gradually come to terms with what occurred and then move forward in their lives no matter how tough it appears. The reason of the fire is yet to be known and inquiries are continuing.

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