Olivia Newton-John Fires Back At Woke Haters Trying To Cancel ‘Grease’

Olivia Newton-John went out this week to defend the legendary 1978 film Grease, which was “cancelled” by “woke” millennials for being “racist” and “rapey.”

Grease is facing cancellation due to offended millennials. Many awakened social media users labeled Grease obscene when it was recently broadcast on television.

Newton-John was questioned about the response against the film during an interview. She believes that everybody ought to relax and enjoy themselves.

She think it’s a little stupid. She meant, this film was filmed in the 1970s, around the 1950s, the 72-year-old actor explained. It was a theatrical performance, a musical, and it was entertaining. It’s a pleasant movie musical that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Not content with that, Newton-John claimed that individuals nowadays take things far “too seriously.”

One needs to unwind a little and enjoy things for what they are, she remarked. She didn’t view it that way; she thought it was a good movie that entertained individuals.

Yes, indeed!

Newton-John recently revealed that she kissed her Grease co-star John Travolta on the set.

In an unfortunate twist that many performers will recognize, Newton-John and Travolta’s first love moment was actually filmed on their first day of shooting. When they kissed for the first time, they were basically strangers!

Despite Newton-John’s admitting that she was “tense, of course,” the scenario went down without a hitch.

They had some practice and dancing time, but this was their first acting day, she explained. It was beautiful. It was unique. And she can’t recall anything because it happened almost 40 years ago.

Onscreen, Newton-John Discusses Kissing A Stranger

Newton-John feels that kissing a stranger in an acting role is part of the job if you want to be in movies.

Millennials may do all they want to cancel Grease, yet it will remain a classic in the eyes of millions of fans.

They don’t produce movies like that any longer!

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