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Mark Wahlberg claims to still listen to voicemails left by his mom.

It’s no surprise that Mark Wahlberg is a fitness enthusiast, but it was his affection for his late mother, Alma, that touched him visibly.

The Wahlbergs’ matriarch died in April 2021, and the “Boogie Nights” actor, 51, claimed that he maintains her memories alive by listening to her voicemails and other recordings on a daily basis.

She affected everyone she encountered, he stated Sheinelle Jones, who interviewed Alma Wahlberg in 2018.

She truly meant this, Mark, Sheinelle remarked of the event. She transformed her life. The interview with Alma, which was scheduled to last 20 to 30 minutes, ended up taking hours, according to her.

She was the actual definition of matriarch for her, Sheinelle, who has three children of her own, said. She constantly mentioned how she called her every day.

He goes on to remark that his mother was the epitome of hard labor, noting that she did everything it took to take care of her nine children.

She was a true inspiration to him, he remarked. He is going to go watch that interview just to see her expression. He means, all he has now are the recordings and voicemails she left him, which he listens to frequently.

Wahlberg highlighted the advice he now gives to everyone he knows who still has living parents: advise them to contact them every day, tell them how much one loves them, and be there and interact with them as much as one can.

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