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Mila Kunis blasts Will Smith’s Oscars standing ovation after a slap: It’s insane.

Mila Kunis slammed Will Smith’s standing ovation for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in March, after he smacked Chris Rock.

Despite the fact that the bulk of the crowd got up to congratulate Smith following his great win for his performance in “King Richard,” the actress stayed firm in her choice not to get up for him.

The concept of setting an example makes sense solely when one has someone to lead, she stated. They have a small tribe at home, and she never wants to advise them to do something if she is not prepared to do it herself. Standing up was a no-brainer for her, however what surprised her was how many others did. She thought, wow, what a time one lives in when individuals concentrate on doing what looks nice rather than doing what is correct. It seems ridiculous to her.

Kunis and her spouse, Ashton Kutcher, were present at the ceremony where Smith smacked Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Smith collected his medal while the pair remained seated.

Kunis recently suffered her own public adversity when she was ridiculed by the audience at a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Brooklyn.

The actress played it well, joking with Kimmel “What’s the matter with your audience? Very New York of you, very New York.”

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