WWII veteran celebrates 104th birthday on the golf course – we all wish you a Happy Birthday

A veteran from WWII, George McInally’s 103rd anniversary party was a subdued affair last year owing to the COVID-19 disease.

So, for his 104th birthday this year, his family made sure to take him on a journey to Grand Rapids, Michigan to relish being on the golf course and this is what he loves to do most of all. He played the game the last time on his 100th birthday but this year he sought to hit the links and ride along the golf course.

His family came together to rejoice the unusual event wearing t-shirts with “104” printed over them. George will be coming back home next week in Clearwater.

George, who belongs to The Michigan, was posted in the Pacific and flew aircraft for the US Army Air Forces.

While sharing his experience, George said that he signed in the Air Force in April of 1941 and went to school at New York University Guggenheim School of Aeronautics. He added that he went through pilot exercise and spent a total of five years in the Air Force.

The courageous old hand was even tasked with flying gliders over opponent’s lands. He remembered flying into Tokyo knowing the fighting was over as one of his numerous boundless experiences.  

George, who was wedded to his spouse Hazel for almost 7 decades and had 3 children. He thanks his long life to dance, having a good time and drinking scotch. His intelligent words to young persons is to stay fit and get a good education.

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