Mom And 3 Daughters Are Born With Rare Phenomenon That Makes Long Hair Grow Indefinitely

A real-life Rapunzel family lives in a little village in Illinois. Tere Lynn Russell’s flowing brown hair is 74 inches long, which is more than twice the average length. That’s since she was born with a strange genetic abnormality that causes her hair to grow endlessly – a feature she handed down to her three kids.

Because of this extremely unusual genetic variation in their hair development, it can grow for 10 years or more!

Tere Lynn has had extremely long and thick hair since she was a baby. Her eldest daughter Callan has 36.75-inch hair, Cendalyn has 36-inch hair, and her youngest daughter Chesney has 26.25-inch hair.

They each use a quarter bottle of hair conditioner every time they wash their hair. Their lengthy locks have been vacuumed up, stomped on by strangers, and even burned off after being backed into a heater.

Possibly the most intriguing feature of the Russell family’s hair is that it may store secrets and signals about heredity that might be extremely beneficial for others who suffer from hair loss.

Watch the video of this real-life rapunzel family.

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