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Marlo Thomas On Her 43rd Wedding Anniversary To Husband Phil Donahue: ‘I’m Very Lucky’

Marlo Thomas has a good love life.

The actress shared the key to her 43-year marriage to Phil Donahue in an exclusive interview.

She refers to it as the three L’s. Love, listening, and lust, she said at the Women in Media Foundation’s 48th Annual Gracie Awards Gala. Those are the three letters. One must listen in order to understand what the other individual is pondering and experiencing. One must love each other. And one has nothing without passion.

On May 21, Thomas and the Phil Donahue Show host, 87, celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary.

He’s the best, she proclaims. She is very lucky.

Thomas describes the couple’s celebration of the significant occasion as a low-key, intimate evening spent together.

Well, it was simply fun to be alone, she explains. They’ve given parties and done things in the past, but this year they simply wanted to hang out alone. Go to the movies, dine out, stroll down the street, just be together. It was fantastic.

Thomas first met Donahue in 1977, when she appeared as a guest on his long-running talk program.

To commemorate their 40th anniversary in 2020, the couple wrote a book called What Makes a Marriage Last: 40 Celebrated Couples Share the Secrets to a Happy Life, in which they offered marital success secrets from their own four decade marriage as well as tips from other long term couples.

For the initiative, the actress and talk-show presenter interviewed famous couples whose relationships they liked for nine months to find out what works and what doesn’t.

They began to ponder if there truly is a secret sauce to a happy marriage. And that’s when they chose to break an ironclad rule of their marriage—for the first time, ever—and work on a project together, they told, which featured excerpts from their book, including advice from couples like Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and Viola Davis and Julius Tennon.

As varied as these couple’s stories are, they share a common plotline: that of two people joining hands and stepping up to the most complicated, invigorating, motivating, infuriating, exciting, frightening, enjoyable, and beautiful job on earth — making a marriage last, as Thomas and Donahue stated.

She acknowledged her thanks for the honor on the red carpet before Tuesday’s Gracie Awards in Beverly Hills, where Thomas was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

She said that she didn’t realize she’d lived a lifetime yet, but she is honored to be honored at any time. She also adores this organization. It was founded by women to honor women. That’s amazing since there were no women’s organizations when she began. Each of them was in their own little bubble, straining to be heard. So she’s glad there’s now a women’s alliance.

Later, after winning her award, the campaigner stated that she was deeply moved to be here today. She traveled down from New York, where Phil and she had just celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment for a Hollywood lady.

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