Marriage Of 70 Years Still Going Stronger.

It was about 70 years ago when John took Sarah on their first date. They originally planned to go to an expensive theater for a play, but his date decided she wanted to go see a movie instead, because it was much cheaper. And afterwards, for dinner, they ate beans on toast. And even now, sometimes, they watch that same old movie, which was “Dark Corner,” and eat beans on toast.

They met when John was a telephone engineer and Sarah was a switchboard operator. He watched her walk down a hall one day and had to meet her… and ask her on a date, because he KNEW that she was the one.

A few years back, John was admitted to the hospital with a heart problem and told the admitting personnel some of his life story with his wife, as an A&E crew filmed a special show with John and his wife in it.

24 Hours in A&E: Love

If you wanted to see what ‘true love’ looks like, this must come pretty close.

Posted by Channel 4 on Monday, 23 January 2017

He told them his wife was now in the first stage of Alzheimer’s, and they are both aware it was not going to get any better. On her bad days, he feels like he’s lost the woman he loves. On her good days, they sit outside and hold hands, as strangers pass by and nod. And John cherishes those days. And if he had to do it all over again, he would STILL want her to be his wife.

Says John: “It’s sad, but I can’t be greedy. We’ve both had a good life together.… My wife needs me, and I can’t possibly leave her.” 

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